February 4, 2012

One of Charice Greatest Hits!

I'm a big fan of Charice and I think she has a very powerful voice. I always cry every time I see her sing.. Maybe because she sings from the heart plus her voice is just amazing. The time I saw her performed the song " Note to God' on Oprah, I really cried.  I love her voice range and how she belted those really high notes!

Watch the whole video below and let me know what you think.

Pulling Off a Great Trade Show

I have previously written a post about how to make a successful trade shows. Marketing strategy is again very important to have a great trade show exhibit. For me the more personalized the whole thing, the better. Remember you want to market your product in the trade show the best way you can.
In most trade shows that I've been to, I always like the ones that are very customized and personalized from the trade show flooring to logo mats. I like it when they uniquely display their products and give them a personal touch.. Like for instance you can see the name or symbol of their company or product on the mats and canopy. Or maybe they printed their product name and logo on the floor or carpet. Yes, I think a logo canopy and personalized trade show carpet are not  bad ideas.

New Job.. Better Locker!

Did I tell you about my new job at the airport? Hmm.. maybe I haven't mentioned it yet. Anyway, I got a new job so it means I got a new locker! I love our office lockers. They are all huge and all my personal items fit there.. even my super thick winter coat!

I think it's awesome that our company provided us with lockers that are big enough  for our stuffs and at the same time good enough to keep our valuables safe.

In getting your own lockers, I think its very important to consider how safe it is and how much it can hold. If you want to find out the different kind of lockers and how much they cost, visit morelockers.com.