February 22, 2012

My Laptop Is Like My Buddy

Being a blogger and an internet savvy person, my computer and laptop are the most important things I can have all the time. Seriously, I always use my computer or laptop like 12 hours a day. Can you believe that?

My laptop is one of my best friends because I do a lot of stuffs online and I am not at home all the time. When I travel I always make sure to bring one or two extra batteries for it because I will never know if I can find a place to plug my laptop or not.  Yes, I think it's better to be ready all the time. I have quite a lot of places to get my laptop batteries because I have an HP one. HP laptop is pretty common and they are great too. Online, I get my  HP laptop battery in a reputable store because I can't afford to use a battery with no good quality on my laptop and I am so happy that I found pretty good online store for HP batteries.

How about you? What are the things that you can't live without?


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