October 3, 2012

The History of Wedding

Wedding Day.  Everyone wants to make it the most special moment in their life.

Wedding are celebrated differently by different peoplel; the rituals are quite different, even the clothes and stuffs but I think it always means- two people promising to be one forever.

So what is a wedding? I've read this article on Moissanite site about how the wedding evolved. Its history is pretty interesting. It tackles the time when man had to pay a price to marry the woman he loved, which is called "dowry". It also has some pretty interesting trivia about wedding, that I've never known prior to reading Moissanite site.

I guess everyone should really read this article, especially if you love weddings :)

I embedded the history of wedding from Moissanite below:

A Brief History of Weddings | Moissanite.com
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August 17, 2012

Hotel Supplies

We spent a 3-day vacation at one of the best hotels in town last week and I loved the experience so much. The place was so beautiful and I loved how they pay attention even in the smallest details of the place-- from furniture to linens t'was just great!

Maybe other people wonder where do hotels get their supplies of great furnitures, electronics and other amenities. Well, I came across to this site, PeachSuite Wholesale Hotel & Restaurant Supplier. This site has everything a hotel needs. From basic hotel supply like furniture, bed, linens and even kitchen supplies. Motels, hotels and restaurants should really check this site out.

So to all restaurant and hotel owners for your hotel supplies & catering supplies, check PeachSuite.com!

February 22, 2012

My Laptop Is Like My Buddy

Being a blogger and an internet savvy person, my computer and laptop are the most important things I can have all the time. Seriously, I always use my computer or laptop like 12 hours a day. Can you believe that?

My laptop is one of my best friends because I do a lot of stuffs online and I am not at home all the time. When I travel I always make sure to bring one or two extra batteries for it because I will never know if I can find a place to plug my laptop or not.  Yes, I think it's better to be ready all the time. I have quite a lot of places to get my laptop batteries because I have an HP one. HP laptop is pretty common and they are great too. Online, I get my  HP laptop battery in a reputable store because I can't afford to use a battery with no good quality on my laptop and I am so happy that I found pretty good online store for HP batteries.

How about you? What are the things that you can't live without?

February 8, 2012

Yay! Got Some Coupon Codes for Coach!

A great fashion style is not complete without a great pair of shoes.

I love shoes and I've been collecting them for three years now. Owning great brand of shoes is not very easy because most of them are not very affordable.. But if you are looking for brands with great quality and will last for a long time, I think you should go for some great  brands of shoes. In shoes, one of my favorite brands is Coach. Actually this brand is a lot affordable than most shoe brands that I have. You can get one pair for 62$ and with the help of some discount coupon, you can even pay lesser than that price. But where on Earth are you going to find  a coupon for Coach? I think you are lucky that you are reading this entry. Yesterday, while doing my shopping online, I stumbled upon this site that offers Coach product coupon codes. Yes, it's a big YES! This site gives you  coupon codes so that you can get not only little discount in buying Coach products but BIG!  I love this site because I can now buy more Coach purses and shoes in lower price. ^-^

So are you ready to own a new Coach purse or shoes? I am!! Thanks to Coach product coupon codes.

Wow, Found Another Way to Earn Online

I love blogging because I get to write my thoughts and share them to people and at the same time earn some money. Earning online can be hard to achieve for some people but if you know how to do it, it's actually as easy as.. write.. publish and earn!

The best thing you can do to earn big in any online business is make your traffic high. If you have a good number of views, you can really earn well from different adverisers. One of the companies that offers pay per click is  Bizzclick LPP. Yes, you can monetize traffic with them. If you're an advertiser who wants to advertise and give your company a boost in the internet world or you are a publisher like me who wants to earn more, check this site out! As a blogger, I really find this site very helpful. It can help me earn more!

If you are interested about this site, check out their home page to read more info about it. If you want to advertise, visit the advertise page; if you are a blogger and wants to earn, visit the publisher page.

Hope you'll find this entry useful! ^-^

February 4, 2012

One of Charice Greatest Hits!

I'm a big fan of Charice and I think she has a very powerful voice. I always cry every time I see her sing.. Maybe because she sings from the heart plus her voice is just amazing. The time I saw her performed the song " Note to God' on Oprah, I really cried.  I love her voice range and how she belted those really high notes!

Watch the whole video below and let me know what you think.

Pulling Off a Great Trade Show

I have previously written a post about how to make a successful trade shows. Marketing strategy is again very important to have a great trade show exhibit. For me the more personalized the whole thing, the better. Remember you want to market your product in the trade show the best way you can.
In most trade shows that I've been to, I always like the ones that are very customized and personalized from the trade show flooring to logo mats. I like it when they uniquely display their products and give them a personal touch.. Like for instance you can see the name or symbol of their company or product on the mats and canopy. Or maybe they printed their product name and logo on the floor or carpet. Yes, I think a logo canopy and personalized trade show carpet are not  bad ideas.

New Job.. Better Locker!

Did I tell you about my new job at the airport? Hmm.. maybe I haven't mentioned it yet. Anyway, I got a new job so it means I got a new locker! I love our office lockers. They are all huge and all my personal items fit there.. even my super thick winter coat!

I think it's awesome that our company provided us with lockers that are big enough  for our stuffs and at the same time good enough to keep our valuables safe.

In getting your own lockers, I think its very important to consider how safe it is and how much it can hold. If you want to find out the different kind of lockers and how much they cost, visit morelockers.com.

January 27, 2012

Hokkaido Buffet in Saint Louis, MO

Hokkaido, a buffet, sushi restaurant in Florissant, Missouri is really one of my favorite food places in the city. This place doesn't only cater people who love chinese food, it also cater Americans who just want to eat real American dinner like Steak and Bbq.

I love the variety of food choices available in this place. Sushi, seafoods, steaks, sweets and just everything! I super love this place even though their prices are a little bit higher than most buffet places. But hey, I promise that you'll really get what you've paid for in this restaurant!

Here are some of the photos I took from our last visit:

January 12, 2012

Winter and Your Driving!

My least favorite season of the year is here!

This morning I woke up to a least-lovely day because of snow. On the way to work, there were so many accidents on the road and a lot flights were cancelled due to the bad weather. I really don't know why people would do a really bad judgement on the first day of snow. I mean, c'mon guys, didn't you already experience this last year? Don't you know that road are extra slippery if it's icy? That you have to drive slower because the visibility is pretty bad? Well, anyway, I hope everyone will be extra cautious for the coming days. Drive slowly and safely! And oh, please Winter, don't be too bad to us this year.