March 9, 2011

Investing Even During Crisis

Even with our struggling economy today, people never stop finding a thing/company for a good investment. Not so long ago, everyone was saying that buying a house was a good investment but nowadays all housing prices have gone downhill. So yeah, buying a house isn't a good investment after the economy dropped. Well, maybe it will change in the next years.

But there is something that has a value that never depreciates. If we're talking about the monetary value of a thing- gold has been really good at keeping its value. In fact, in most cases its value gets higher and higher that why IRA gold is a good investment. Well, if its value never depreciates then it is really something that everyone should be getting, right? Gold IRA , gold 401k, 401k gold or whatever they want to call it is a good investment. For me, it really is. Imagine, its value will never go down, instead it will go up. Wow! Even someone who doesn't know anything about investment will agree on this for sure.

So what do you think about gold IRA transfer and gold investment? Hmmp! I guess it is something to think about.

I Miss My Best Friend

It's been more than 6 years since my best friend and I saw each other. I miss the times when we were always together-- going out for dinner, bar hopping and even just talking and chilling at home! Since she moved to Sydney, Australia and I here in the US, we haven't seen each other anymore. Well, yes we text, call and chat but still those not enough. I want to hug and talk to her in person! Ugh! Sometimes it's really frustrating to think about it.

I've been thinking about visiting here in Australia but the thing that always stops me is the international airfares. I'm sure it is going to cost me a lot. With the economy today, I don't know if I can afford to visit her. I've been watching the international flights fares for quite a long time now so I book the cheapest plane ticket. There are cheap flights that I've seen when I was browsing the net yesterday and I thought "Oh maybe I can visit her this time". Che also suggested to me this site where you can book cheap flights.

I hope I can see my bestfriend soon :( I miss her a lot.