February 25, 2011

Be Whoever You Want to Be

Maybe it's safe to say that I am someone who's a well-rounded individual. I do love a lot of stuffs and I can pretty much be really good at something as soon as I decided to give my time and effort learning it.

Back in my school days, I did join in almost all school activities-- school dance, declamation, debating team, Math Club and a lot more other school organizations.

Other people have this idea that you can only be very good at one thing. Like if you are beautiful you can never be smart. Or if you are good in Language there is no way you can get A's in Math. I think this kind of "idea" is as bad as it sounds. I believe that anyone of us can do anything and be good at almost everything if we give our interest, effort and time in learning that "something".

When I was in High School, people thought I could never be good in English because I always excelled in Math but I proved them wrong when I became one of the members of our School Debating Team and was selected as a Feature Writer of our School Paper.

Is there anything you really want to do but you are afraid you can never learn to do it? Give it a try! I believe success is something that you can achieve if you have the real determination, hard work and perseverance in getting it. If you are not good in that "one thing" that you really love to do, just continue on giving your best in learning that "something". In time, all your effort will really pay off and before you knew it, other people will recognise it and tell you-- "Man, you really are great on that!"

Mastery of something won't happen over night. It only happens if you practice constantly with undying devotion and love.

February 24, 2011

Training Courses for Doctors

There are really professionals who never stop their education and training to stay competitive in their chosen field. For instance,  after graduating your Bachelors degree you continue studying to get your Masteral and then Phd.

In one of the sites I've stumbled upon, I learned that doctors undergo some advance training to teach them many competitive skills for various interviews. These medical trainings keep medical doctors competitive. On this site they offer, consulatant interview courses, medical interview course, medical management courses and teach the teacher course. This company , named Oxford Medical claims that they are one of the largest and best providers of medical interview skills training and other medical-related courses training in the UK.

If I was a medical doctor, I would also do everything to stay competitive.

February 22, 2011

Wii Sports Helps Us Exercise This Winter

It has been a long Winter and we can't wait for Springtime already. My almost-3-year-old son really misses the park and the playground and playing under the sun. Winter is so boring, thank God we have Wii Sports. With Wii Sports, my son-- and even my hubby and I get to play and exercise at the same time everyday. It's really a  good way of having fun because it's a good exercise too. My son really likes running around and involving in more physical exercise that's why this Wii Sports is really good for him.

Oh, I hope Winter is going to end soon! We're sooo ready for Spring and Summer! ;)

February 20, 2011

Learning Web Hosting

Today, Internet businesses are growing like crazy. We're living now in a world where we can earn A LOT if we know Internet businesses.

I'm no Internet wiz but I know many ways to earn money online. Blogging, creating an online store, website developing and web hosting are only few of the ways to earn money online. I've done pretty much everything except web hosting but I've been trying to learn this stuff for months now. I want to go on this one if I've fully understood how this thing works. I've heard a lot of success stories about webhosting that's why I'm very interested to try this.

I've been reading this site about webhosting every now and then to understand webhosting very well. I've learned that you can actually start a webhosting business right way because there are dedicated server hosting that will help you. Also I've learned about best PHP hosting and Best email Hosting from this site.

How about you, what do you think about web hosting?