February 9, 2011

We Had Fun in Ohio

After two long years, I got to visit my good friend, Yvonne who lives in Ohio last week. Even though we only stayed there for a short time, I really had a good time.

Yvonne is my best friend's younger sister. I first met her when I was in Manila when I was processing my visa. She has been really nice and sweet to me since our first meeting. We both love to laugh, go shopping, take pictures and eat! LOL!

So during our visit in Ohio, we did everything that we both love to do. We took a lot of photos, cooked and ate a lot of Filipino foods, went shopping and talked random stuffs and laughed 'til our belly hurt!

Oh, that whole week was really fun. I went home being so happy that Yvonne and I got to catch up again.

Below are some of the photos we took!

Little Girl Is Coming:)

My friend, Izae is going to have a baby girl and we are all very excited for her. I can't imagine how she's going to be spoiled being the only girl in the family.

So we're already planning for Izae's baby shower and everyone is absolutely excited to buy baby girl's presents. I don't know if it's only me but little girls' stuffs are absolute adorable! I've been shopping all over the place to find cute outfits for the upcoming baby girl and my heart melts everytime I see a really cute dress! Awww! How I wish to have a baby girl too :)

For me one of the most enjoyable shopping is when you shop for baby girls clothing. I've been doing it now for days and I can't be happier to buy them.

Shopping tips: If you too, are looking for cute baby girls outfit, try shopping in the malls and online so you can find the best and the cutest outfit that you are looking for. I've been online shopping for a long time now all I can say is, as long as you know the size and the brand that you are looking for, online is the best place to get your stuffs. It's convenient and you don't have to drive!

Love Games?

One of things that I can't live without is my laptop because I do almost everything using it. For one, I'm blogging for money, so I have blogs, websites and I have a lot of social networking affiliation. To all the bloggers, you know what I mean;)So with this job, I need my laptop.

Another thing that I do using my laptop is playing games. I admit I wasn't hooked in any internet/computer games before, but since I started playing- I'M SO HOOKED now! I always seach the net what are the new games so I'd be updated.

Today, I came across this site with really cool games like Age of War and boxhead 2. Oh boy, these games are really fun to play. I think you guys should try it. Win or lose, you can share your score on facebook so your friends will see 'em :)

So with my really tight schedule being a blogger and a mom, I still get to enjoy playing games online! COOL, isn't it?!!

February 7, 2011

Getting a Merchant Account

If you're a business owner of any kind, especially if you do business online, having a merchant account is really great. Basically, if you have one you're making your business efficient for the client every time they want to buy or sell you something. Having a merchant account making the payment process a lot easier!

In applying for merchant account, you can apply as credit card merchant account, debit and a lot more. If you are a business owner, choosing the company where you are going to have your merchant account application is kind of hard. For me, you need to choose the one that is trustworthy and can really help your business efficiency. I've came across this website where you can open a merchant account. I think this site, merchantaccountproviders.com is a good one. So why don't you check it out yourself?

Police Harrassment

Every time we hear the word POLICE, we always think about someone who can help us in times of needs. Someone who is peacemaker, a law abider and a protector. But nowadays, we've heard a lot of news and issues concerning Police harrassment. Media have reported that there are police who do stupid things to normal citizen. I don't really have any proofs about this but I read/heard many stories not only on the radio and television but also online like the issue in the state of Orlando.

If these issues about police harrassment is true, what should we do to protect ourselves against these policemen? It's sad to say that there are really people who would use their power to hurt other people. Taking advantage of the weak because you have the power isn't good at all.

I hope these police officers who are trying to take advantage of their power will be penalized so they would learn.. This is America, we, the people have the power to change what is suppose to be changed! Let's make this country a police harrassment-free!