September 10, 2011

Electronic Cigar???

I've stumbled upon this website that sells electronic cigarette, and at first I thought it was crazy  but when I browsed the whole website I realized, the product  got some benefits. According to the site, e cigarette is better compared to the real cigar because it doesn't contain  harmful substances that the real one have.  I am no expert on this issue to say if the product is really legit when it comes to containing "not harmful" substances that's why I encourage other people to check this product and judge it by yourself.

If ever this electric cigarette is really working like cigarette but doesn't contain harmful substances, this can be the answer to our problem in cigarettes today.

So to everyone who wants to get rid of the harmful effect of smoking, check this product. Again, make sure that this product is not harmful before you use it. Asking someadvise from  health professional can be very helpful before trying this new product.

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