August 19, 2011

Stop Travelling?

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Everyone says I should stop travelling so much so that I’d meet someone who I can really settle down with but travelling all over the globe keeps me from doing that. You know what I say? So what! Any woman who wants to be with me will understand that this is kind of how my life is right now and that being all over the globe is what really gets me going, how could they ask me to give that up? I’m fortunate to work for myself so I can more or less take time off whenever I want and I’ve got my own home with and everything so there’s nothing to worry about there. If those aren’t enough incentives to entice a lovely lady then I don’t really know what is…I can’t make myself anything less than who I am! I have to say that I just feel best when I’m travelling and I’d love to have a companion but if that never happens it’s not going to stop me!

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