August 28, 2011

Have You Realized How Blessed You Are?

There are a lot of great things in life that I think we have to enjoy. Some of them are seem very little to notice but I think it's great to realize that "hey, this thing make me happy today" or "I feel so secured because of this little thing".

There are just so many blessings to count everyday if we pay attention. Like today, it's been great. My whole family went to church and ate breakfast together afterwards. When we got home, we enjoyed some great movies on Direct TV. Things like these were not very enjoyable to me before I had no work .. worse, I didn't even notice it but nowadays that I only get to have one day off a week, a day with my family is just so enjoyable.

How about those days when there was no security service available yet? Those days were scary. Today we should be thankful because even we leave our house unattended, we have security service available that would protect our houses. I've read this site about  home security north little rock and realized "wow, it's amazing what the technology can give to us now, we sure are blessed to be living in this time."

There are just so many things that I can think of that make me think "I'm just so blessed". How about you?

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