June 16, 2011

Travel Channel Enthusiast

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I am pretty much obsessed with everything travel related, and I was considering subscribing to digital cable or getting a satellite dish just so I could get The Travel Channel. I got MORE INFO about bundle packages available and decided it made financial sense because I needed Internet anyway. I'm really enjoying watching The Travel Channel while I get ready in the morning and an even planning my next vacation around an island I saw featured on the network. I feel like I'm not necessarily wasting time in front of the TV when I'm learning about distant locations and peoples and my boyfriend seems to be at my house a lot more often now that I have Travel. Obviously, I've gotten so much use out of the Internet function, and I don't really know how I got by without having our home Internet connection for so long. Doing my personal banking and e-mailing at work just wasn't a good idea! So far, I'm loving my bundle and especially the travel Channel.

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