June 21, 2011

How They Make Their Trade Show Exhibit Unique

For those who are planning to have a trade show exhibit, make sure to have a marketing strategy first before having one. Its not only how you display your products in the exhibit, its how you plan the whole thing.

Trade show is one way to make your product/services known to the public that's why a successful trade show could also means making your business successful.

I've bee to different trade shows here in Saint Louis and I have seen how each company have uniquely displayed their products. Others makes their exhibit very customized.. They use their customized logo canopy and logo mats. On their canopy you can see the name or symbol of their products so as on their mats. In this way, people who visits their booth already knew what they are displaying and selling even before they ask.

Another thing that I've seen in several trade shows are their unique trade show flooring. Other uses hardwood flooring- and other uses printed flooring (their logos are printed on the floor). I think the customized trade show carpet is cool.

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