March 5, 2011

Stay Healthy

'Health is wealth". This is what my mom would always tell me and I really agree with her. Being healthy is something that you will never be able to buy with money that's why I always take care of my health.

How to live healthy? Eating right. You don't have to skip your meals to stay slim- but you have to eat every meal with healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables should always in  your lists.

Exercise- Make it a habit to always exercise everyday. Find time to do a little jogging or walking. If you're busy to go out, buy a treadmill so you can do it inside your room.

Being updated about health news is also very important. Having a regular check up will help you take care of the things before it gets worse. I always read the latests health information and news online to know more about healthy stuffs and different illnesses symptoms. The most recent that I've read is about COPD symptoms.

I hope everyone will know the importance of health and will strive harder to be healthy.

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