February 5, 2011

We're Keeping this Winter Warm

Maybe you've heard this year's Winter has been pretty bad. We were stuck in Ohio last week; we couldn't go home because of the snow/ice storm. The temperature has dropped drastically and it has been so cold lately.

But thank God, we're safe and we're already in Saint Louis. Maybe it's been so cold but we're glad we are enjoying our gas logs that keep us warm around the house. I think during this time of the year, it's really nice to have gas logs for our fireplace. It doesn't only keep us warm but it also keep our fireplace looking so pretty. R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs is one of the best gas logs for any fireplace; they have outdoor gas logs and more. I really love these gas logs!!

During this very cold Winter, let's keep our self warm!

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