February 7, 2011

Police Harrassment

Every time we hear the word POLICE, we always think about someone who can help us in times of needs. Someone who is peacemaker, a law abider and a protector. But nowadays, we've heard a lot of news and issues concerning Police harrassment. Media have reported that there are police who do stupid things to normal citizen. I don't really have any proofs about this but I read/heard many stories not only on the radio and television but also online like the issue in the state of Orlando.

If these issues about police harrassment is true, what should we do to protect ourselves against these policemen? It's sad to say that there are really people who would use their power to hurt other people. Taking advantage of the weak because you have the power isn't good at all.

I hope these police officers who are trying to take advantage of their power will be penalized so they would learn.. This is America, we, the people have the power to change what is suppose to be changed! Let's make this country a police harrassment-free!

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