February 9, 2011

Love Games?

One of things that I can't live without is my laptop because I do almost everything using it. For one, I'm blogging for money, so I have blogs, websites and I have a lot of social networking affiliation. To all the bloggers, you know what I mean;)So with this job, I need my laptop.

Another thing that I do using my laptop is playing games. I admit I wasn't hooked in any internet/computer games before, but since I started playing- I'M SO HOOKED now! I always seach the net what are the new games so I'd be updated.

Today, I came across this site with really cool games like Age of War and boxhead 2. Oh boy, these games are really fun to play. I think you guys should try it. Win or lose, you can share your score on facebook so your friends will see 'em :)

So with my really tight schedule being a blogger and a mom, I still get to enjoy playing games online! COOL, isn't it?!!

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