February 16, 2011

For Better Pimple-Free Skin

Do you have any beauty regime? I think most women do have because we love to look great. We exercise, go to spa, clean and moisturize our whole body and most especially make sure our face is winkle and pimple free.

PIMPLES! Oh, I totally hate them. Since I turned 13 years old, acne and pimples are always part of my problem. I missed washing my face for a night, I got one. I ate fatty foods, I got one. I pressured and stressed myself, oh another one. So yes, it was very hard to keep my face pimple free until I found something.

With my work and my 2-year old little boy, making things perfect just to have a beautiful face with no pimples on it, is really hard but thank goodness, there are over the counter medicines and solutions to help me keep my face clear, clean and beautiful. Even I'm stressed with my baby from time to time, I still keep my face clean and beautiful! Thanks to proactiv. No kidding, this is the best yet solution that really works for me, it really keeps my face from having pimples. When I first saw its commercial on tv, I thought proactiv is just another thing that you think would work, but woudn't. But when I started using it, after a week I really could see the difference.

So if you ask me about my beauty regime? Well, drink a lot of water everyday, get atleast 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise, staying happy and use proactiv. Actually most of the things I said are pretty hard to do, so just keep the two- staying happy and using proactiv! Now, we're talking :)

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