February 9, 2011

We Had Fun in Ohio

After two long years, I got to visit my good friend, Yvonne who lives in Ohio last week. Even though we only stayed there for a short time, I really had a good time.

Yvonne is my best friend's younger sister. I first met her when I was in Manila when I was processing my visa. She has been really nice and sweet to me since our first meeting. We both love to laugh, go shopping, take pictures and eat! LOL!

So during our visit in Ohio, we did everything that we both love to do. We took a lot of photos, cooked and ate a lot of Filipino foods, went shopping and talked random stuffs and laughed 'til our belly hurt!

Oh, that whole week was really fun. I went home being so happy that Yvonne and I got to catch up again.

Below are some of the photos we took!

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  1. wow mga artistahin talaga awww!! inggit ako huhuhu! :(