December 26, 2011

Happy 10 Years to Us

Guest post from Lenny Mcknight

Ten years ago this weekend, I said “I do” to my best friend. He was the one I couldn’t live without....and still can’t live without. We were two kids who didn’t need anything but each other. I laugh a little to myself when I think about that now. Hello? Reality? Are you there? Yes, we did need each other, but we quickly learned we both needed a college education, stable jobs, decent health insurance, dependable cars and money, money, money. But we made it anyways. We were determined to. There were a lot of hard times, even more laughs and a few tears. I’m proud of us and what we’ve accomplished in our ten years as husband and wife. We finished college, started our careers, bought our first house, got a dog, and then had 3 kids. We deserve a little celebrating for our hard work and dedication to each other every day. Thanks to our Hughes Net in rural WV I booked us a reservation at the finest hotel in town for the weekend and lined up a sitter for the kids.

Earning Money Online!

The ways to earn money online is really growing. I think it's because more and more people are using internet nowadays. I mean who still doesn't use internet? From shopping, connecting to our friends to reading and watching news, we can definitely say we almost do our stuffs online.

So because more people use internet, more businesses are growing too.. And it also means more ways to make more money online.

So today let me add another site that can potentially help you with earning more money online! is one of the growing pay per click agency. If you're a blogger or site owner, you might want to check this site.  This site offers great opportunity to its members like monetizing traffic and advertising within their network. It also offers 24/7 support to its client to if you are new and still learning about the site you can always ask for assitance from the expert anytime.

So if you want to check this site, go visit their homepage. Or if you are an advertiser and you want to join and be a member, you can visit their advertiser page. But if you a publisher like me, you can visit the publisher page!

December 23, 2011

Okay, Let's Talk Business

Internet is a very interesting place to roam around. Everytime I spend a little time browsing here, I always come across into some really intereting site. Earlier today, I stumbled upon Merrill Datasite. Although I am not really a genius in business but after reading the site, I realized how interesting and great this site is for small or big business. This site provides VDR or Virtual Data Room that is high effecient and and secure! This site helps businesses  with  professional VDR solution for IPO process, mergers and acquisition, liquidation analysis for bankruptcy and a lot more.

With this kind of site that is available to everyone I'm sure business won't be as hard as it used to be to people in the business world.

Another site that can be very helpful in business is the Merrill Brink translation services, a which also known as technical translation services provider site!

With what I've learned from reading all these business related stuffs, I think I might probably take business and finance next semester. Looks like business is quite interesting!

Great Deals on Address Plaques this Season

Merry Christmas!

So what's up on you this holidays? What have you been up to?

Although it has been so cold lately, we still don't forget to make our surroundings looking nice and beautiful for this holidays. Aside from putting up our Christmas decors, making sure that our residential plaque is nice is also not a bad idea.

If you are looking for large selection on residential address plaques this season, is the site to visit. This site has so many kinds of address plaques--from personalized address plaques to whitehall address plaques, this site has it all. I think it is always great to visit a place that specializes a certain thing like this online store! And oh, this Winter season, they offer some great deals, so better check this online store soon!

September 14, 2011

Getting A Great Battery for Canon Camera

Most of my friends love to take picture. Everytime we go somewhere, they would take like hundreds of photos. Sometimes I'd think " Do their cameras never ran out of batteries? "

It's a funny thought, right? But on the serious note, if you love to take picture you should really take care of your camera's battery so that your camera is always on the go to capture all the  unexpected great moments of life.

 Online you can find great deals on canon camera batteries, canon battery chargers and canon digital camera batteries. Most of my friends use canon camera and they love it because it takes good pictures. I'm sure they would be so happy if I'd tell them where to get great batteries for their camera because a good camera really needs a good battery and charger:)

My friend Yvonne and I ;)

September 11, 2011

Great Interior Design

Decorating or designing a house isn't an easy task to do that's why other people really hire Interior Designers to do this job for them. Unfortunately here in the US, Interior Designers cost a fortune that's why we've  learned to design our home by ourselves.

I really love to live in a well designed and well decorated house but I don't know anything about designing that's why I really envy those who can decorate and design their homes beautifully. My friend in Texas, Ate Shone designed and decorated their home herself. I think she really has a talent in interior designing because she designed it beautifully. It looks very warm and homey-- and I really love it!

September 10, 2011

Electronic Cigar???

I've stumbled upon this website that sells electronic cigarette, and at first I thought it was crazy  but when I browsed the whole website I realized, the product  got some benefits. According to the site, e cigarette is better compared to the real cigar because it doesn't contain  harmful substances that the real one have.  I am no expert on this issue to say if the product is really legit when it comes to containing "not harmful" substances that's why I encourage other people to check this product and judge it by yourself.

If ever this electric cigarette is really working like cigarette but doesn't contain harmful substances, this can be the answer to our problem in cigarettes today.

So to everyone who wants to get rid of the harmful effect of smoking, check this product. Again, make sure that this product is not harmful before you use it. Asking someadvise from  health professional can be very helpful before trying this new product.

Internet Success

Everytime I tell people how much I've been making on my internet business, they couldn't believe it.

I think internet has changed our lives so much. Just think of it, so many huge businesses today is on the internet. Do you know how much money google or youtube or facebook  is making everyday? We know for sure the figure is ridiculous.

Because internet is huge, we get a lot of chance of making it big too. Blogging, making your own website or even website hosting could be the key.

Maybe you'll say " I am not much of an internet savvy" Well, so am I but everyday I am learning because I am determined. For example, if you want to do webhosting, there are sites that will help you maintain your site. Just make sure you knew who are the top website hosts if you want to make a site.. If you want to try business website, find the top ten best business hosting you will know who you can trust in website hosting business.

September 1, 2011

Getting a Degree Online

Education is something that can never be taken away from you.

Since I came here in the United State I realized that education is very important. Getting a good paying job is very hard to get if you don't have a degree that's why I am planning to go back to school next Spring.

Getting a degree is pretty expensive and it's very hard to be in school while you are working. Good thing there are many online universities available today. Taking your degree online saves a lot of time and you can do it in the comfort of your home.. So it means you can still work a fulltime job and study online when you get home. Awesome, isn't it?

If ever i'd continue my education I would probably get an online degree program in accounting. I love to work with numbers and I think this course is just right for me.

It was also very helpful that I found a lot of info on how to apply for federal student aid at

I think I am few steps away from getting a degree online ;)

August 31, 2011

Value the People Around Us

Today, I realized how important it is to value the people around us. He/she may be a stranger we met down the street, a random guy who added us on facebook, a family, a close friend or a neighbor-- he/she should be valued as an individual who also has his/her own hopes, dreams, joys, pains, problems, abilities, interests, things to do and opinions.

When was the last time we respected the opinion of other people? When was the last time we listened attentively to our friend's problem?

We should always keep in mind to treat other people the way we want to be treated. We should accomodate and appreciate not only the people who are close to our hearts but also the people who have crossed our path everyday.

The Bible says:

“Do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’. But if you bite and devour one another, take heed that you are not consumed by one another.”
[Galatians 5:13-15]

August 28, 2011

Have You Realized How Blessed You Are?

There are a lot of great things in life that I think we have to enjoy. Some of them are seem very little to notice but I think it's great to realize that "hey, this thing make me happy today" or "I feel so secured because of this little thing".

There are just so many blessings to count everyday if we pay attention. Like today, it's been great. My whole family went to church and ate breakfast together afterwards. When we got home, we enjoyed some great movies on Direct TV. Things like these were not very enjoyable to me before I had no work .. worse, I didn't even notice it but nowadays that I only get to have one day off a week, a day with my family is just so enjoyable.

How about those days when there was no security service available yet? Those days were scary. Today we should be thankful because even we leave our house unattended, we have security service available that would protect our houses. I've read this site about  home security north little rock and realized "wow, it's amazing what the technology can give to us now, we sure are blessed to be living in this time."

There are just so many things that I can think of that make me think "I'm just so blessed". How about you?

There a

August 19, 2011

Stop Travelling?

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Everyone says I should stop travelling so much so that I’d meet someone who I can really settle down with but travelling all over the globe keeps me from doing that. You know what I say? So what! Any woman who wants to be with me will understand that this is kind of how my life is right now and that being all over the globe is what really gets me going, how could they ask me to give that up? I’m fortunate to work for myself so I can more or less take time off whenever I want and I’ve got my own home with and everything so there’s nothing to worry about there. If those aren’t enough incentives to entice a lovely lady then I don’t really know what is…I can’t make myself anything less than who I am! I have to say that I just feel best when I’m travelling and I’d love to have a companion but if that never happens it’s not going to stop me!

July 26, 2011

Calgary Apartments

Life is how we make it. Dont make it hard.Relax and enjoy life, Visit Calgary City and find secondary home or a new home for your life that will satisfy your choice.

Calgary Apartments for rent can help you make life easier especially when you are looking for a good and nice place to stay in Calgary.

Calgary Apartments for rent will even help you easily decide if you will stay longer in Calgary or will stay for good. Your stay in Calgary will greatly worth sharing to your friends and love ones, so come now and experience of what you have read about Calgary and enjoy sharing good testimonies about your wonderful stay at Calgary Apartment.

July 19, 2011

What Do You Eat?

What do you eat?

Choosing the right kind of food is very important. Right foods mean healthy ones. Here in America, most people eat what is easy to cook: like the microwaveable or others just buy their foods from the millions of fast foods chains everywhere. The reason of this is because everyone is too busy to cook.

If I eat out, I prefer eating in places with choices of good foods Denny's or ihop.The foods are not as healthy if you cook the food yourself but they are not as bad as McDonnald's.

What about you? Are one of the majority of Americans who eat not-healthy foods? I hope not!

July 17, 2011

Save on You Medical Uniforms

Discount in your  medical uniform? Why not! I think we all want to  save-- in food, groceries, clothing etc. A few cents or dollars discount is really a big deal if you are in a tight budget.

I've found this like  very interesting to share to other women who are in medical field and are planning to buy cheap scrubs. If you are interested, visit the link. This store has a large selection of medical uniforms like nursing scrubs and more.

Shop wisely!

June 27, 2011

My Friend Just Bought A Hot Ride

My friend Yvonne from Ohio just got a really hot ride-- an orange Audi TT Quattro. I so love it and I wish I could buy one for myself. LOL

Anyway, the car is pretty tiny because it's a sports car. It is also very beautiful and well-designed. It is kind of flashy for me because it looks really expensive but its price isn't as bad as Porsche. If you're like my friend who loves nice stuffs, this car is for you. Its appearance is A+ for me.

Another good thing about this car is, it is good on gas. We know most sports cars consumes a lot of gas so bravo to this car for letting its owner to save a little on gas :)

I've also searched reviews and ratings of this car at and most of them rated this car 4.5 or 5 out of 5. So yeah, most of its owner really love this car.

For any car or car repair info, I always refer to I really get a lot of useful car info from this site.

Thinking Where to Invest?

Gold is a good investment because its value doesn't depreciate that's why other people buy gold for future insurance. If you've read about gold IRA and gold 401k accounts you will know how great it is to buy good for future use. It is really one of the best investements. YOu know dollars has its great and bad times- like when its value becomes high and low but gold's value always gets better as time passes.

Don't you think it's about time to invest in gold? Maybe it is.. Try to study the 401k gold and IRA gold accounts  and decide if gold is something you would want to buy for investment. For my own opinion buying gold now is really a good idea, especially with the economy today. So try studying the gold IRA transfer and other info about investing in gold. Maybe you're going to find your best investment in buying gold today.

June 21, 2011

How They Make Their Trade Show Exhibit Unique

For those who are planning to have a trade show exhibit, make sure to have a marketing strategy first before having one. Its not only how you display your products in the exhibit, its how you plan the whole thing.

Trade show is one way to make your product/services known to the public that's why a successful trade show could also means making your business successful.

I've bee to different trade shows here in Saint Louis and I have seen how each company have uniquely displayed their products. Others makes their exhibit very customized.. They use their customized logo canopy and logo mats. On their canopy you can see the name or symbol of their products so as on their mats. In this way, people who visits their booth already knew what they are displaying and selling even before they ask.

Another thing that I've seen in several trade shows are their unique trade show flooring. Other uses hardwood flooring- and other uses printed flooring (their logos are printed on the floor). I think the customized trade show carpet is cool.

June 16, 2011

Travel Channel Enthusiast

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I am pretty much obsessed with everything travel related, and I was considering subscribing to digital cable or getting a satellite dish just so I could get The Travel Channel. I got MORE INFO about bundle packages available and decided it made financial sense because I needed Internet anyway. I'm really enjoying watching The Travel Channel while I get ready in the morning and an even planning my next vacation around an island I saw featured on the network. I feel like I'm not necessarily wasting time in front of the TV when I'm learning about distant locations and peoples and my boyfriend seems to be at my house a lot more often now that I have Travel. Obviously, I've gotten so much use out of the Internet function, and I don't really know how I got by without having our home Internet connection for so long. Doing my personal banking and e-mailing at work just wasn't a good idea! So far, I'm loving my bundle and especially the travel Channel.

June 15, 2011

Swimming Pool for Summer

Summer is fun and when its approaching, splash sounds of water begins to play in the imagination of common people to alleviate the unpleasant warmness of the environment.

Practically wise people find many ways to acquire a swimming pool in their own backyard to fulfill the fantasy of a cool refreshing bath in the middle of hot burning atmosphere.

Every container with precious content is usually covered, to preserve and secure the content. In this, pool is the container and its refreshing water inside is the precious content and above ground pool covers will provide for your pool safety, and protection and so your pool is always ready for an immediate use.

To uncover the multi benefits of your pool, let Above Ground Pool Cover cover your pool.

Written by: Barnie A.

May 15, 2011

Need A Carpet Cleaner?

If you have a three year old kid, you can never have a perfectly clean carpet. Spills and stains are always the problem that's why carpet cleaning can very hard especially if they spilled something on it and you wont be able to clean it right away.

Good thing we have professional carpet cleaners. They're the people who can maintain your carpet to be stained-free.. even if you have a little kid.

 If you are living in Austin they have carpet cleaning in Onion Creek and other parts of Austin.  To know more about the info of this company, please visit their website at:

Advertise Your Company Well

One of the most important aspect of making your business successful is making sure that it has a good advertising agency to make sure that your product or services will look more appealing to its consumer.

So how would you advertise your product or company? How are you going to reach out to a wider audience? TV? Radio? Internet? These three are the major media that you can use in advertising, but how are you going to use these media appropriately?

Making your product appealing to its consumers/customers is hard. I think this job should be done by the expert that's why other companies really hire professional advertising agency. A good advertising agency will make you products known and will help make your business successful.

So maybe the advertising aspect is not your thing, so give it to the the professionals-- hire an advertising agency.

Car Shipping and Moving

Moving to a new place is  hard. The moving process can be long and exhausting. You have to consider stuffs like: how are you going to move all your things, furniture and other stuffs safely ? How much is it going to cost you.

One of the things that Iearnend when we moved to our new place is have things planned and prepared before hand. It is very important to that you check your movers' background before hiring them. Only hire those who are trustworthy.

One of the things that you might consider in moving is an auto trasport or car shipping. If you have more than 3 cars to bring in your new home in a new state, I think getting a reliable car trasport  service is very important. For me knowing the background of the company is something that you need to do before you hire them, so read their customer satisfaction rating first.

March 9, 2011

Investing Even During Crisis

Even with our struggling economy today, people never stop finding a thing/company for a good investment. Not so long ago, everyone was saying that buying a house was a good investment but nowadays all housing prices have gone downhill. So yeah, buying a house isn't a good investment after the economy dropped. Well, maybe it will change in the next years.

But there is something that has a value that never depreciates. If we're talking about the monetary value of a thing- gold has been really good at keeping its value. In fact, in most cases its value gets higher and higher that why IRA gold is a good investment. Well, if its value never depreciates then it is really something that everyone should be getting, right? Gold IRA , gold 401k, 401k gold or whatever they want to call it is a good investment. For me, it really is. Imagine, its value will never go down, instead it will go up. Wow! Even someone who doesn't know anything about investment will agree on this for sure.

So what do you think about gold IRA transfer and gold investment? Hmmp! I guess it is something to think about.

I Miss My Best Friend

It's been more than 6 years since my best friend and I saw each other. I miss the times when we were always together-- going out for dinner, bar hopping and even just talking and chilling at home! Since she moved to Sydney, Australia and I here in the US, we haven't seen each other anymore. Well, yes we text, call and chat but still those not enough. I want to hug and talk to her in person! Ugh! Sometimes it's really frustrating to think about it.

I've been thinking about visiting here in Australia but the thing that always stops me is the international airfares. I'm sure it is going to cost me a lot. With the economy today, I don't know if I can afford to visit her. I've been watching the international flights fares for quite a long time now so I book the cheapest plane ticket. There are cheap flights that I've seen when I was browsing the net yesterday and I thought "Oh maybe I can visit her this time". Che also suggested to me this site where you can book cheap flights.

I hope I can see my bestfriend soon :( I miss her a lot.

March 5, 2011

My Best Friend Lit Up My Day

When I opened my email today, I got a message from my dear friend Cheche and she just lifted my spirit. I am so happy that I have her in my life. She has been a good friend to me for so long and we never ever had any major fights. She is sweet, caring and she is always there to support me, telling me she's so proud of me. I've never felt awkward when I am with her. She knows my secrets and she still loves and accepts me.

Cheche is not just a friend but she is like a sister- a family! They say friends are the family that we choose for ourselves and I am happy to say Che is someone I consider a family.

Stay Healthy

'Health is wealth". This is what my mom would always tell me and I really agree with her. Being healthy is something that you will never be able to buy with money that's why I always take care of my health.

How to live healthy? Eating right. You don't have to skip your meals to stay slim- but you have to eat every meal with healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables should always in  your lists.

Exercise- Make it a habit to always exercise everyday. Find time to do a little jogging or walking. If you're busy to go out, buy a treadmill so you can do it inside your room.

Being updated about health news is also very important. Having a regular check up will help you take care of the things before it gets worse. I always read the latests health information and news online to know more about healthy stuffs and different illnesses symptoms. The most recent that I've read is about COPD symptoms.

I hope everyone will know the importance of health and will strive harder to be healthy.

February 25, 2011

Be Whoever You Want to Be

Maybe it's safe to say that I am someone who's a well-rounded individual. I do love a lot of stuffs and I can pretty much be really good at something as soon as I decided to give my time and effort learning it.

Back in my school days, I did join in almost all school activities-- school dance, declamation, debating team, Math Club and a lot more other school organizations.

Other people have this idea that you can only be very good at one thing. Like if you are beautiful you can never be smart. Or if you are good in Language there is no way you can get A's in Math. I think this kind of "idea" is as bad as it sounds. I believe that anyone of us can do anything and be good at almost everything if we give our interest, effort and time in learning that "something".

When I was in High School, people thought I could never be good in English because I always excelled in Math but I proved them wrong when I became one of the members of our School Debating Team and was selected as a Feature Writer of our School Paper.

Is there anything you really want to do but you are afraid you can never learn to do it? Give it a try! I believe success is something that you can achieve if you have the real determination, hard work and perseverance in getting it. If you are not good in that "one thing" that you really love to do, just continue on giving your best in learning that "something". In time, all your effort will really pay off and before you knew it, other people will recognise it and tell you-- "Man, you really are great on that!"

Mastery of something won't happen over night. It only happens if you practice constantly with undying devotion and love.

February 24, 2011

Training Courses for Doctors

There are really professionals who never stop their education and training to stay competitive in their chosen field. For instance,  after graduating your Bachelors degree you continue studying to get your Masteral and then Phd.

In one of the sites I've stumbled upon, I learned that doctors undergo some advance training to teach them many competitive skills for various interviews. These medical trainings keep medical doctors competitive. On this site they offer, consulatant interview courses, medical interview course, medical management courses and teach the teacher course. This company , named Oxford Medical claims that they are one of the largest and best providers of medical interview skills training and other medical-related courses training in the UK.

If I was a medical doctor, I would also do everything to stay competitive.

February 22, 2011

Wii Sports Helps Us Exercise This Winter

It has been a long Winter and we can't wait for Springtime already. My almost-3-year-old son really misses the park and the playground and playing under the sun. Winter is so boring, thank God we have Wii Sports. With Wii Sports, my son-- and even my hubby and I get to play and exercise at the same time everyday. It's really a  good way of having fun because it's a good exercise too. My son really likes running around and involving in more physical exercise that's why this Wii Sports is really good for him.

Oh, I hope Winter is going to end soon! We're sooo ready for Spring and Summer! ;)

February 20, 2011

Learning Web Hosting

Today, Internet businesses are growing like crazy. We're living now in a world where we can earn A LOT if we know Internet businesses.

I'm no Internet wiz but I know many ways to earn money online. Blogging, creating an online store, website developing and web hosting are only few of the ways to earn money online. I've done pretty much everything except web hosting but I've been trying to learn this stuff for months now. I want to go on this one if I've fully understood how this thing works. I've heard a lot of success stories about webhosting that's why I'm very interested to try this.

I've been reading this site about webhosting every now and then to understand webhosting very well. I've learned that you can actually start a webhosting business right way because there are dedicated server hosting that will help you. Also I've learned about best PHP hosting and Best email Hosting from this site.

How about you, what do you think about web hosting?

February 18, 2011

Webpage Designing

Yesterday, I spent almost the whole day designing my other website. I searched the internet and find some tricks on how to make my site look good and I think I did a good job, although I am still looking for more ways to make it look better and to make it work better.

Designing your own website is quite hard especially if you don't have any background in webpage designing. Making the page looks and  works the way you want it to work is really hard, that's why if you don't have enough knowledge in webpage designing, give that job to someone who really knows how to do it.

I've came across this Florida SEO site yesterday while I was looking for good designs. This site offers Florida website design and it has large selection of different Florida web design. So if you're trying to make a website which is Florida-related, take a look at this website. You might be able to find the right people who will design your site on this website!

February 16, 2011

For Better Pimple-Free Skin

Do you have any beauty regime? I think most women do have because we love to look great. We exercise, go to spa, clean and moisturize our whole body and most especially make sure our face is winkle and pimple free.

PIMPLES! Oh, I totally hate them. Since I turned 13 years old, acne and pimples are always part of my problem. I missed washing my face for a night, I got one. I ate fatty foods, I got one. I pressured and stressed myself, oh another one. So yes, it was very hard to keep my face pimple free until I found something.

With my work and my 2-year old little boy, making things perfect just to have a beautiful face with no pimples on it, is really hard but thank goodness, there are over the counter medicines and solutions to help me keep my face clear, clean and beautiful. Even I'm stressed with my baby from time to time, I still keep my face clean and beautiful! Thanks to proactiv. No kidding, this is the best yet solution that really works for me, it really keeps my face from having pimples. When I first saw its commercial on tv, I thought proactiv is just another thing that you think would work, but woudn't. But when I started using it, after a week I really could see the difference.

So if you ask me about my beauty regime? Well, drink a lot of water everyday, get atleast 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise, staying happy and use proactiv. Actually most of the things I said are pretty hard to do, so just keep the two- staying happy and using proactiv! Now, we're talking :)

February 15, 2011

Women Love Chocolates

I did love the surprise gifts that my husband gave me yesterday. He brought home a beautiful flower arrangement with a dozen red roses on it, a super huge Valentine's card that says " I Love you this much" and lots and lots of chocolates!

In every occasion, chololates and flowers are two of the best gifts we can give to our lovers- especially to the ladies! I, for one love chocolates that's why my husband always make sure he could give me the cuties and the best chocolates on my special days.

Finding great kinds of chocolate online isn't very hard. There are many chocolate stores online that sell great chocolates that every lady sure loves to have.

So if you're planning to buy her chocolates next Valentine's Day, find the cutiest heart-shaped chocolate bars that would make her fall in love all over again :)

Photo source

Save Some Penny in Buying Entertainment Tickets

Everyone in the US feels how hard our economy nowadays that's why we always do our best to save- and I mean save in everything! Whenever we find some good deals, we always grab it. I, for one always make sure I can get some discount in everything. In grocery stuffs, in entertainment, it's good that we can find ways to save some penny!

So talking about discounts, I want to share with you some good deals if you want to have some little entertainment and get some discounts in buying the tickets. If you're planning to buy Beacon Theatre tickets, Honda Center Tickets, Madison Square Garden Tickets, Nassau Coliseum tickets or Radio City Music Hall tickets click any of these links to have some discounts and savings.

Even during this tough times, we can still enjoy some entertainment as long as we're good at finding deals and discounts!

On Family Matters

We all want to have a happy life- a happy family; a happy marriage. But not all of us are blessed with one. I've known a lot of people who do their best just to have a happy family and marriage but still they don't have it. They're usually caught up in a situation that they don't have any choice but to give their marriage and file a divorce. One of the worst thing for example is when you caught your spouse cheating on you!

I am not an advocate of divorce but once your spouse is cheating on you and do all sort of stupid stuff to hurt you, I think it's just right to end up your marriage. I know the process is going to be hurtful, long and would even give you truama but if it's the only answer, sometimes we just have to suck the pain up and get over it.

If ever you are facing this kind of problem, don't ever feel and think you're alone. There are people who are on the same battle like you have. And don't think you're going to lose everything. I've known some divorce lawyers and I know that these people are willing to fight for your right.

If you search the internet you can find a lot of law firms that can help you. I've came across about this firm in Texas, they have pretty good Austin divorce lawyer. When I browsed the whole site, I found out that this firm has great and competent Austin family lawyer.

So if you live in Texas and you're in a situation where you really need a divorce attorney Austin, I think you should check this site. Remember, in this situation, make sure you are asking help from people who are competent enough to take care of you!

February 9, 2011

We Had Fun in Ohio

After two long years, I got to visit my good friend, Yvonne who lives in Ohio last week. Even though we only stayed there for a short time, I really had a good time.

Yvonne is my best friend's younger sister. I first met her when I was in Manila when I was processing my visa. She has been really nice and sweet to me since our first meeting. We both love to laugh, go shopping, take pictures and eat! LOL!

So during our visit in Ohio, we did everything that we both love to do. We took a lot of photos, cooked and ate a lot of Filipino foods, went shopping and talked random stuffs and laughed 'til our belly hurt!

Oh, that whole week was really fun. I went home being so happy that Yvonne and I got to catch up again.

Below are some of the photos we took!

Little Girl Is Coming:)

My friend, Izae is going to have a baby girl and we are all very excited for her. I can't imagine how she's going to be spoiled being the only girl in the family.

So we're already planning for Izae's baby shower and everyone is absolutely excited to buy baby girl's presents. I don't know if it's only me but little girls' stuffs are absolute adorable! I've been shopping all over the place to find cute outfits for the upcoming baby girl and my heart melts everytime I see a really cute dress! Awww! How I wish to have a baby girl too :)

For me one of the most enjoyable shopping is when you shop for baby girls clothing. I've been doing it now for days and I can't be happier to buy them.

Shopping tips: If you too, are looking for cute baby girls outfit, try shopping in the malls and online so you can find the best and the cutest outfit that you are looking for. I've been online shopping for a long time now all I can say is, as long as you know the size and the brand that you are looking for, online is the best place to get your stuffs. It's convenient and you don't have to drive!

Love Games?

One of things that I can't live without is my laptop because I do almost everything using it. For one, I'm blogging for money, so I have blogs, websites and I have a lot of social networking affiliation. To all the bloggers, you know what I mean;)So with this job, I need my laptop.

Another thing that I do using my laptop is playing games. I admit I wasn't hooked in any internet/computer games before, but since I started playing- I'M SO HOOKED now! I always seach the net what are the new games so I'd be updated.

Today, I came across this site with really cool games like Age of War and boxhead 2. Oh boy, these games are really fun to play. I think you guys should try it. Win or lose, you can share your score on facebook so your friends will see 'em :)

So with my really tight schedule being a blogger and a mom, I still get to enjoy playing games online! COOL, isn't it?!!

February 7, 2011

Getting a Merchant Account

If you're a business owner of any kind, especially if you do business online, having a merchant account is really great. Basically, if you have one you're making your business efficient for the client every time they want to buy or sell you something. Having a merchant account making the payment process a lot easier!

In applying for merchant account, you can apply as credit card merchant account, debit and a lot more. If you are a business owner, choosing the company where you are going to have your merchant account application is kind of hard. For me, you need to choose the one that is trustworthy and can really help your business efficiency. I've came across this website where you can open a merchant account. I think this site, is a good one. So why don't you check it out yourself?

Police Harrassment

Every time we hear the word POLICE, we always think about someone who can help us in times of needs. Someone who is peacemaker, a law abider and a protector. But nowadays, we've heard a lot of news and issues concerning Police harrassment. Media have reported that there are police who do stupid things to normal citizen. I don't really have any proofs about this but I read/heard many stories not only on the radio and television but also online like the issue in the state of Orlando.

If these issues about police harrassment is true, what should we do to protect ourselves against these policemen? It's sad to say that there are really people who would use their power to hurt other people. Taking advantage of the weak because you have the power isn't good at all.

I hope these police officers who are trying to take advantage of their power will be penalized so they would learn.. This is America, we, the people have the power to change what is suppose to be changed! Let's make this country a police harrassment-free!

February 5, 2011

Beautiful Non-Celebrity Filipinas

If you've been in the Philippines, I'm sure you are aware that Filipino women are really beautiful.

On my other site, we feature beautiful noncelebrity Pinays. We are trying to find all beautiful Filipinas so we can feature them one by one. We want the world to know that Filipino women are not only physically beautiful but they are also talented, smart and they have good personality.

Here are some of the beautiful noncelebrity Filipinas that we've already featured.

We're still looking for more, so if you are beautiful and a Filipina, Like Us on Facebook so we can find you:)

Find out who's included in our list of beautiful noncelebrity Pinays and watch for more Pinay beauties in the coming days!

[If you're a beautiful Pinay, we encourge you to be part of our community on Facebook so we can find you and feature you on our site!]

We're Keeping this Winter Warm

Maybe you've heard this year's Winter has been pretty bad. We were stuck in Ohio last week; we couldn't go home because of the snow/ice storm. The temperature has dropped drastically and it has been so cold lately.

But thank God, we're safe and we're already in Saint Louis. Maybe it's been so cold but we're glad we are enjoying our gas logs that keep us warm around the house. I think during this time of the year, it's really nice to have gas logs for our fireplace. It doesn't only keep us warm but it also keep our fireplace looking so pretty. R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs is one of the best gas logs for any fireplace; they have outdoor gas logs and more. I really love these gas logs!!

During this very cold Winter, let's keep our self warm!

We Needed Ink

I wanted to print my USCIS documents today when I found out that we ran out of printer ink. I wasn't so happy about it because I always want that my printer has enough ink so I can print important documents anytime I want to.

When I found out that our printer has no ink, I thought of buying one right away but because of the snow storm I couldn't go out to shop so I shopped online.

I browsed the internet and found many online stores that sell printer ink. One of them is the They have different kinds of inks like Dell ink. I am really happy that I've found another good online store to buy my important stuffs. This online store has Dell printer ink and Dell ink cartridges.

I'm just so happy that online shopping has been discovered; now we can buy things even during the storm :)

January 20, 2011

Going to School and Work

Written by Kevin Beach

I actually work and go to school at the same time. Most of my friends think I'm absolutely crazy to be doing both of those things at once. I'm actually working as an LPN while going to school to become an RN. It's one of those things that I know I need to do for the sack of my career and a better future. I don't really mind it, but I am always on the go. I never get a chance to come home and watch my favorite shows. There are definitely a lot of shows that I absolutely miss watching because I'm normally busy working or going to school. When I do get home, I normally don't even want to do anything but go right to sleep.

That's why I love my DVR and everything that it does for me. I record all of my favorite shows from Direct Star TV onto my DVR player so that I can come right home and watch whatever I have recorded during the day. I don't mind staying out all day now that I can be sure that my favorite shows will be waiting for me when I get home and am ready to just relax and watch each and every one of them. I don't know where I'd be without the DVR to record my favorite shows

January 10, 2011

My First Car Reviews for this Year

I love reading car reviews because I want to know which car is better for who. Like for example, mothers always have a preferred a car, a car that is convenient enough to bring her kids anywhere and also a car that gives enough protection to them.

Today I got to read the reviews of four different cars : Honda Accord Ex L, buick, porsche and GMC.

Honda Accord Ex L is I think a great car for everyone. Accord has always been America's favorite car because it has a little "sporty" touch and its interior is very simple yet nice.

Buick is also something that I would consider. Actually one of my close friends drives a Buick. Among all buick models, I love the 2011 Buick Lacrosse. Even the car reviewers at give this car an overall rating of 8.2.

Porsche is one of my dream cars. It offers great appearance; both its exterior and its interior design are awesome. The 2011 Porsche Cayman is priced from $51,400 - $61,500 . I think it's a little bit expensive for a car but hey, it's Porsche baby!!

GMC is also not a bad car. My brother inlaw has one. I think this car is very manly that's why I think it's more for guys than for women. The only model I think I'd love to get from GMC is the GMC Yukon Hybrid. It is priced $51,200 - $61,360 and yeah, it's a little bit expensive.

Watch for more of my car reviews next time !

Start Backing Up Your Important Files

My laptop is one of the things I can't live without. Almost everything that I do, my laptop is concerned. My laptop saves all our photos, music, I print throug my laptop and I do a lot more things using it. One day, one scary thoughts crossed my mind-- what if I'd lost my laptop or my laptop will be broken and I can't get all my files, photos and music that I've stored on it all these years? It's pretty scary, isn't it?

If you too, store everything in your computer or laptop make sure to back all your files up. This is to make sure you won't lose any of your important files like photos or offices documents. I've read about DVD duplicators and CD printers. I think these things can be very useful to back up our important files. To know more about this, you can read the DVD duplication guide.

I think we should really start backing up any of our files that we store in our PC or laptop because we can never tell of the future.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Taking care of our personal information is very important here in the US. Giving away our names, address and telephone or social security numbers is really something that we shouldn't do. In the internet for example, there are a lot of sites that are asking for our personal information but before giving away any of your information, make sure that the site is legitimate.

All of us do our best to protect our personal information against identity theft. But sometimes taking care of our personal information can be hard that's why asking help from someone who knows how to safeguard our personal information and asset is needed. For example, the site offers identity theft protection service. IdentityHawk can protect you and your family against identity theft. So if you think you need to protect your identity and you don't want to be a victim of these identity thieves, try the service of IdentityHawk.

January 4, 2011

Why You Should Blog?

If you've been browsing the internet or you have a website or you're a member of any networking sites like facebook or myspace, I'm sure you know what is "BLOGGING"

You blog when you : write a note, a journal, a story or any types of write ups and you publish them online. Maybe you already know how to write a blog but you still don't know that you can make money out of it.

I remember the time when I would spend a lot of time trying to make a blog in one of the networking sites without earning a penny from it. It was only because I wanted other people to know what I think and what I believe in.

But two years ago, when I found out that I can earn money from blogging. I started a personal blogsite and write a blog everyday. Now, I'm into blogging and making my own websites.

I am very thankful that Internet was invented. Now, we can start our own business without using a dime.

Getting Into Wholesale and Retailing Business

I've been thinking about getting into wholesaling and retailing business. I think it's a great business for me because I can promote and advetise my own business online. When I was browsing the net today about this business, I came across a website that has a lot of info about wholesale products and wholesalers. is a website that has lists of wholesaler companies that sell products in large quantities.

If you too, want to try this business, I think the very first thing to learn is how to buy products in large quantities and re-sell them. If you go to, I think you can learn more about this business plus, the site has lists of wholesale suppliers that sell many kinds of products that you may want to buy in large quantity and re-sell . I think this site is very informative.

With our economy today I think it's hard to start a business but wholesaling and retailing doesn't really need big money for a capital, so I think it's not hard to try to start one.

Grow Plants Even During Winter

Every Spring and Summer, I enjoy decorating our patio and garden with beautiful flowers. Having beautiful outdoor planters to use every Summer is amazing because they make our surroundings more beautiful. I am very picky with the styles actually. I always make sure that style of the outddor planter will look good on our house. It's more of the design and coordinations of colors and patterns.

Now it's already really cold , so I'm getting an indoor planter because I can't have my flowers outside the house anymore. I still want to have flowers and plants this Winter. I always feel Winter is a little depressing without any vegetations. So, thanks to indoor planters, I can still continue to plant flowers even this freezing season.

Use the Right Advertising Agency

Promoting our company and product isn't an easy task. Actually if you want to reach more users/audience, it means it also require a more complicated way of advertising. Thank God, you don't have to do all of it all alone.

For big companies, advertising their product is one of the most important thing in making their business successful. Because of this, they hire great advertising agency and spend a lot of money for advertising.

But do you know that sometimes hiring a great advertising agency doesn't mean spending a lot of money? Yes, if you are resourceful enough, you will know that there are great advertising agencies out there that can give their clients a very satisfactory service without asking them to pay big amount of money.

THAT advertising agency claims that you don't have to pay a lot of money if you will hire them to take care of your advertising needs. They use the combination of traditional and internet advertising and marketing. They are aware that eventhough internet is one of the biggest media for advertising nowadays, still we should not forget the old and traditional media like radio and television.