September 1, 2010

They Got My Shoe Size

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One of the things I love to buy are shoes. I love shoes! But the problem is I have a very tiny feet so it's really impossible for me to buy my shoes from malls. Good thing online shopping was discovered, I can finally find a 4 US size shoes. It's still hard to find though.

One of the online shoe store that has my size is When I found this site it made me happy to see the size selection on their size. They have shoe sizes from 4 to 13. Their prices ranges from $50 to $300+.

The site also has so many cute and fashionable shoes from brands like sebago, miz mooz, old gringo and more.

I'm so glad I have another online store that has my shoe size. I am always happy to find one!

August 29, 2010

Videos of Charice Performances at Six Flags, New Jersey , Aug. 29, 2010

Charice is one of the performers at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park in Jackson of New Jersey earlier today, August 29, 2010.

Charice rocked the place with her amazing voice. Here are the videos of her amazing performances:

Charice Performing, I Love You

Charice Performing Reset

Charice Perfoming Cover Remixes of Lady Gaga's Micheal Jackson's and Miley Cyrus'

Charice Performing, In This Song

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Don't Let Facebook and Twitter Ruin Your Life

Facebook and Twitter are two of the sites that people are so obsessed about today. Every time I check my accounts on both site, I can read my friends' statuses about how their days have went, how they hate their classmates or brother and I can also see their uploaded bedroom photos or even their restroom pics. Isn't it sick? I think so too. But I was no exception before. I was also addicted to facebook. I remember those days when I would post everything on my wall. My family problems and what made me upset that day. But after awhile I learned something important-- it's not good to share everything online. Imagine who can read and see all the photos you've posted their-- Everyone who uses internet. Even if you set it to private, if that photo is something interesting, I'm sure it would propagate. Someone out there would save and share it. So if you are planning to post your nude pictures, internet is definitely not the right place.

Right now I am still using facebook and twitter but I am using them in more useful ways-- like promoting my sites! If you use Facebook and Twitter the right way, these sites are very useful and yes, Internet is really great if we use it the right way!

Planning Your Next Summer Getaway

I have been writing about Myrtle Beach vacations for quite awhile and I think you are aware that we had spent a great time on this place that's why I would love to go back there soon to enjoy the beach and play some golf again, maybe next summer.

In finding the Myrtle Beach hotel to stay and find about Myrtle Beach vacation deals you can search the net and find for the best site to book your vacation. There are quite many travel agencies that you can ask about how to find good deals on Myrtle getaway. is of the sites that can help you plan your nexy summer vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Value Your Education

I can still remember what my parents have been telling me all these years -- " Value your education". Yes, everyone should value education because this is the only thing that will never be taken away from you. Once you earned it, it will be forever yours that's why it should be valued more than any material things in the world.

Lately, I have been checking the site of The Chronicle and the site has been so helpful and useful to me, especially that I have been planning to be back to school soon. Through the site, I found many so many points on valuing education and how to choose which University/ college to enroll. Walden University is one on their lists and there are still so many great colleges and institution that is worth learning and inquiring.