August 25, 2010

Because I Love You So

My hubby is just extra sweet with me lately. One night he brought me a dozen red roses. I asked him what's the occassion, he said, he just loves me.

Love is as sweet as love songs and as beautiful as poem that was written from the heart. You are blessed if someone loves you, so be thankful if there is one man out there who is willing to fight for you.

I think I have already posted this poem that I wrote months ago but today I think I'd love to re-post it so people would know how much I love my husband. This is specially dedicated to him.


by Donnalyn Weir

I want you to wake up each day
Knowing that I’m here to stay
For life, through thick and thin
Because you are my life—my everything.

You are like an everyday sun to me
Your love is like a light of hope that I see
You're my strength in times of sorrow
You're the reason why I see a brighter tomorrow.

Baby, I want you to know
That every beat of my heart is only for you
Now the pains of our past are forgotten and erased
‘Cause love fills our hearts with heavenly bliss.

Oh, I thank God I found my love in you.
In someone who gives me a love that’s so true
Our love will surely last forever
And there is nothing that can break us, ever!

Already Planning for Summer Getaway Next Year?

I think it's quite too early to book for your next summer getaway but I think a well-planned vacation needs enough time of planning, so why not start thinking which place is best for your vacation next year today?

As for me, I have started thinking already. After we had a good time in Myrtle Beach golf courses while enjoying the beach and the great hotels, I think we are coming back there next year. Myrtle is a great place with beautiful beaches, so why not?

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Enjoy the Show in Cheap Price

For those who love to watch theater acts and stage plays or maybe game, this post is for you.

Economy is tough today but it's great if we can still chill and watch the things that we love. Yes, we still can if we will grab the best deals on ticket prices.

Here are some of the links of the venues you might want to watch your favorite acts and buy the tickets with great deals and discount.

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I hope you favorite shows are included in show listed on the different venue I gave. I would be happy to know if this post could help you save!

Enjoy the show!

Let's be Inlove With Numbers

I have been writing posts about how to get good grades in Math before and I also have written about several sites that offer tutorial services for our high school or college students. I think it's great to have these services over the Internet because now our students can learn their Math better without the expensive fees of professional tutors.

Here are some links you would want to visit if you are interested in online Math tutoring:

1. Math Word Problems
2. Algebra Equations
3. Slope Formula
4. Standard Form
5. Math Practice Test
6. Pre Algebra
7. How to Divide

After you visit these sites, you will be the judge if they are good enough for your Math needs.

Let's all try be inlove with numbers :)

August 23, 2010

Miss Mexico Is the Newly-Crowned Miss Universe 2010

Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete brings home the crown of Miss Universe 2010.

Other winners are:

1st Runner Up: Miss Jamaica
2nd Runner Up :Mis Australia
3rd Runner Up: Miss Ukraine
4th Runner Up: Miss Philippines.

Lady Gaga Is the New Queen of Twitter.

Wow, Lady Gaga just kicked Britney Spears out and claimed the crown " Queen of Twitter".

Lady Gaga is now the most followed on twitter with more than 5.7 million followers. Among others who have more than 5 million followers are Britney Spears, US President Barrack Obama and celebrity Aston Kutcher.

I like both of them although I would say they are both crazy. Or maybe Lady Gaga is crazier-- in a good way! :)

Easier Way to Find Local Searches

I am glad to found out about, a search engine that gives you an accurate information about the business nearby your city or state. What is cool about this site is that it is partnered with the and two other local search engines. Because of this, you can find the most accurate driving direction or local restaurant/shop available in your area. It also provides different reviews from real people for each business or establishment. So pretty much, this site more than just a local yellowpages.

I always prefer to find any local business in my area using a local search engine because it is more accurate and it doesn't thousands of unrelated sites and information.

Easy Stock Trading

How crazy is that if you can actually do a stock trading through online or by the use of your mobile phone? It may sounds crazy but yes, it's already happening people. Online trading and mobile trading are actually existing and there are already people who have tried it and actually liking it. Just think of it, you don't have to leave your home to be able to buy a stock. Within the comforts of your room, through your phone or your computer, you can have get that stock.

Also, online broker is available anytime if you need some help about the information of the stock that you want to buy or if you want some advice to which stock is better.

Oh, technology. You've changed our lives drastically. Well, for the most part in a good way so thank you!

Ways to Assure Great Reach of You Site

Having a website doesn't mean you can already earn from it or sell your products though it. It takes a lot of work for your website to be known in the Internet world. Just think of how many sites are added to the search engines every minute- A LOT!!

One way of making your website known is to sell it-- Selling it to the Internet users. Yes, it's quite hard to obtain it. It takes a lot of time and of course money for advertisement. But hey, there are always ways to make your website get the wider reach. You can use many strategies and some of them are retargeting and remarketing. According to Recrue Media, one of the retargeting companies, retargeting and remarketing are great ways to secure a widest reach of website.

Having a successful website is a dream come true and I'm sure any website owner would do anything just to have a wider range of readership on the net.

Another Online Store

There must be so many online stores available today and we should be thankful about this in some ways because they help make our lives easier. Just think of it, you don't have to go to malls just to buy the things you want and need. With online shopping, you can buy anything even you're at home.

I have quite few online stores that i trust now because since I came here in America, I get most of my stuffs online. It's convenient and I get great stuffs in affordable prices.

Today, I get to browse another online store called netixchange. This store is quite nice because it sells almost every stuffs that we need everyday like sports and outdoor stuffs, toys and thing for our kids and even tools for our home. This store is like a one-stop shopping store for everything. Netixchange is definitely worthy to be added on my lists of good online stores.

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