August 19, 2010

The Wealthiest Men in the World Pledged to Give Bulk of Their Fortune to Charity

Most of us think rich people only think of themselves but wait until you hear this one. Few days ago, I have been so moved by the three of the most wealthiest men in the world, Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett because of their announcement that they are giving away a huge percentage of their fortune to philanthropy.

Warren Buffett
, the world's second richest man whose networth is now $44 billion, announced he is giving away 85% of his fortune starting July to Charity. How Awesome is that? He said most of it will go to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He maybe insanely rich but this billionaire still lives on his modest house in Omaha, Neb.'s Happy Hollow suburb , which he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Paul Allen, the c0- founder of Microsoft also pledged to give away half of his $13.5 billion to charity.He wants to support programs in the Pacific Northwest, the Allen institute and the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. The museum, in Seattle, was founded by Allen and highlights two of his biggest interests.

Bill Gates, who had the title of "Most Wealthiest Man in the World" for many years until Carlos Slim has taken that title, has been giving billions of dollars for many charitable causes. He's actually the founder of Bill and Medina Gates Foundation and he is also the one who encouraged other rich people to give their money to philanthropy. Though, Gates never disclosed how much of his fortune is going to charity, he said to one of his interviews: " They'll (his kids) get something, but not a substantial percentage."

It is so nice to know that these rich people use their money to help the less privileged through charity.

You guys are way too fabulous!! God bless you more!

Online Tutor For Students

One of my favorite subjects is Math but I know there a lot of students who really have a hard times on this subject. Back in college, it was more than half of my classmates who didn't able to pass College Algebra and I felt so bad for them.

Good thing today, technology has been so helpful for our student. If you search the internet, you can now find several sites that offer tutorial on different subjects including Math. One of the sites that offers tutorial that I've visited is This site has several pages that tackle different Maths like the following :

1. Pre Algebra
2. Prime Numbers
3. Math Questions
4. Linear Equations
5. How to Divide
6. Algebra Equations
7. Standard Form

Site like this one is really helpful to our students. It is also a cheaper way to learn than hiring a real tutor. Technology has definitely made our life way easier.

Fact About Your Credit Score

How to maintain a good credit score?

If you are suffering from a bad credit score, I think you are not alone. Recently, report said there are so many Americans now who have bad credit score. Maybe it's because of the economic problem like unemployment and foreclosures. Or maybe because you have maxed out all your credit cards and you have no way to pay them all.

Having a credit card is good because through this you can build your credit score but having one can also ruin your reputation, so be responsible.If you have a credit card, make sure to pay your bills on time and please, don't maxed it out. Don't just shop all you can and swipe your card like crazy, remember you are still going to pay for them.

How to fix my credit?

If you already screwed up your credit score you still have an option to start over again. Other people resort to filing bankruptcy but others do the credit repair. Actually there are quite a lot of sites that can give you information on what option to take and how to do the credit repair.

If you are suffering from a bad credit today, you should find a legit advice from people who know this business. Having a good credit score is very important, so take good care of your credit history!

August 16, 2010

Making Love VS Sex

Sex and making love are quite closely associated to each other and most of people considered them as synonymous. What they don’t know, these two words maybe closely related but not entirely substitutable.

Most men don’t know the difference of these two. They think love making is also having sex or vice versa. For women though, we know the difference of the two.

Sex and love making maybe be the same in the physical act but emotionally they are quite so different. Sex is just a physical act; an act when you both enjoy each other body’s. Making love on the other hand, involves emotional and spiritual connection between the couple making the physical act more fulfilling and blissful.

Sex is an act that you share with someone you barely know in the bar or some one night stand kind of affair. Making love is the act that you share with someone you love and care—a girlfriend/boyfriend or a wife/husband.

So what do you prefer? An enjoyable sex or a blissful love making?

Cheap Verizon Phones

The things that we should consider in buying a phone are the reliability of the phone's signal and its price. For two years of living here in the United States, I know Verizon cell phone plans are the greatest. I love these phones because they are very reliable when it comes to its signal. Even if we go out of town, the signal is still awesome.

Today I am shopping for a new phone and found the best Verizon phones online. It's been two years since I had my old phone so I think I should get a new one now. I have found great phones on the site with even cheapest cell phone plans. It's really great to save from the products with good quality.

Verizon phone are just awesome. I would never buy anything other than phones from Verizon.

Investing in Gold

Someone once told me that investing in gold is really a good idea. There are tough times in our economy that the value of our investment would also go down. Like a house, a car or even the currency exchange. It's sad when we put all our money to the kind of investment that would only go down when economy is down too.

Buying bullion or gold coins is now a trend when it comes to investing. Buying them is a secure way to invest because even when economy is tough, the prices of these things won't go down.

It's great to know about this kind of investment, isn't it?

Alert Fact About MS

Multiple Sclerosis, abbreviated as MS is a disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring. Although I just learned about this disease, I know that the number of people suffering from it is growing. It's quite disturbing if you'd think about something that you hardly know can hurt or kill you.

Some of the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are are difficulty with coordination and balance, loss sensitivity,muscle weakness, visual problems and difficulty in moving. I still have to learn about this disease before I can share to you more about this.

I am reading and researching the net about this disease, its prevention and cure. I learned about Multiple Sclerosis exercise and Multiple Sclerosis diet too. These two are the things that a victim should know.

I will share more about this disease soon.