August 12, 2010

Teens Religious Background Affects Their Views on Sex

Does a strong religious background affects on teenager’s views on sex? Studies have found out that teenagers who are religious are less likely to have sex than those teenagers who are less religious. The strong religious views have shaped the teenagers not to engage in sex because of the conviction they feel about it. Religious priests and pastors have been teaching that sex outside the marriage is wrong that’s why teenagers feel guilty on engaging in such activity.

I totally agree with these studies because I was also brought up with a very strong religious view on sex. I believe sex outside the marriage is shameful and is considered to be a sin. At some point I am so thankful that I was brought this way because my teenage life wasn’t spent in early pregnancy or curing some sexually-transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Nowadays, teenagers do not care about what’s bad about having sex at the early age. They don’t have any conviction even if they will have more than one sex partners. It’s very sad that the number of teenage pregnancy and young people suffering from STD’s and AIDS are very high. Media have been trying many ways to educate the teens to have “responsible sex” but it seems not working.

I believe if sex is taught in a religious way, we can help our teens not to engage in sex. Considering sex as a scared thing to be enjoyed only by married couple is a very good idea to help the teens handle their stupid argues on sex at their very young age.

Grateful to Have a Dell Voucher

For a long time, I have been wanting to get myself a laptop so that I can carry it whenever I want to go. Having one to carry around is great especially that I do a lot of stuffs online like blogging and website developing.

Today while I was browsing the net and shopping for a laptop I found a site that offers great Dell vouchers. With these vouchers I can finally get myself a laptop for a lower price. I am really happy that I found this great site. Dell has been one of my favorite brands and I read the Dell notebook review online, I think this is really the one that I am buying soon.

I'm always happy to save some money every time I shop. A little discount means a lot nowadays!

Bulletin Board Shopping

Summer vacation is almost over and it's almost school time again so yesterday I helped my friend who is teacher prepare her classroom for the coming school opening. While cleaning and organizing the room I noticed that she needs a new bulletin board for her classroom. And because she is so busy she asked me a favor to find a place that sells school bulletin boards. I know I can find easily online so I searched an online store that sells great bulletin boards.

I found a great site and I'm sure my friend Em will be so happy about this online store has so many kind of bulletin boards to choose from.

Improving Your Credit Score

After my post about how important it is to maintain a good credit score, I have been receiving emails on how to take care of you bad credit. Actually, I have read many sites that can help you how to take care your credit score. Also, if you already have a bad credit history they can also tell you how to improve and fix your credit score so you can have a great score again.

My friend who was asking me about which company to hire for to fix her credit score, I gave her the links of the sites that I think give a good service in improving and fixing people's credit. One of them is I have read the site and I think they can pretty much help you with this problem. The other one is the company that offers credit repair services.

August 11, 2010

Protecting Your Good Credit Score

How important is it to maintain a good credit score?

Having a credit card doesn't mean you can just do all the shopping and just swipe your credit card to pay everything. If you have a credit card you need to maintain a good credit score. This is through paying your credit bills on time and as much a possible don't maxed out your credit card.

For me it is very important to maintain our good credit scores because having a good credit history also means you have a good reputation financially. Having a great credit score would also give you privilege to be able to loan for a house or a car.

Aside from paying your credit card bills on time and not over spending, it would also help if you get a credit report every month so that you will know no one has stolen your identity. Check the site for more info.