August 7, 2010

From Youtube to Worldwide Superstardom

Who is the most fabulous this week?
Maybe you have seen her performances on youtube or you have watched her on Oprah multiple times-- this girl named Charice is now getting the attention of the world because of her big voice. What is the most fabulous about her story is that she started joining singing contest since she was seven years old for a living in her native country, Philippines. But look where she is now! Today, she is currently one of the a-list Hollywood singers who are really making it BIG!
After the success of her first Pop- Rnb single Pyramid that peaked at No. 1 in Billboard Dance Chart and her first International Debut Album that peaked at No. 8 in Billboard Top 200, this petite superstar singer is also joining FOX's hit TV Series, Glee this fall!!

Charice is just fabulous; so as her story and talent! You go Charice!

Homes in Dallas

Do you live in Dallas, Texas? If you are then you this post is for you.

When I was browsing the net about affordable homes, I landed on a site about Dallas Homes For Sale. The site is basically giving information to people about how great it is to purchase a house nowadays and I totally agree with them. This is really the best time to get a house because they are really in good price now. I have read some tips from Dallas Real Estate site on how to get the house-- what should you consider and which one offers the best deal.

I am pretty impressed about Dallas HOme for Sale . If I was in Dallas, I would sure want to consider buying a home through this site.

August 3, 2010

Help Cure Addiction

It's quite sad to hear news about how many people are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and every year their number seems to be growing. If you are friend or a relative of someone who is suffering from these kind of addiction, make sure to give them a hand. Understanding their situation is one way to help them. Another thing is, let them know they need to do something so that their addiction will be cure for the sake of themselves and for their families and friends as well.

There are many centers around America that offer drug rehab and alcohol treatment. If you think a friend or a family needs help, let them know about it. I 'm sure a drug treatment center and alcohol rehab can help them.

For more info about alcohol and drug treatment visit alcohol treatment center website.

August 1, 2010

Have Your Car Checked Regularly

we should always take care our car because we use it everyday and we rely to it for our transportation. How can we ever live without a car here in America?

Every time we drive our car we kind of trust our lives to it, believing and asking we won't have an accident. This is why we need to take of our car because we don't want this thing to happen. We should always check if the brakes are in good condition before using it. We should also have its oil change and tune up regularly to make sure it is safe to drive it, especially if we are planning to have long drive. The shop were we have car checked and repair is also a big thing to consider. We should have it a shop that knows what it is doing. My friend said she never had problem with Houston auto repair shop where she always have her car checked.

Taking of our car should always one of our priorities and also choosing the car of car to have is important. There are cars that give more driver's safety compare to others. Check Acura Integra . I think it's a great safety car.