June 18, 2010

Make It A Habit to Take Care of Your Teeth Daily

Taking care of our teeth is very important!

It's funny how stupid I was to just ignore the importance of having healthy teeth when I was way too young. I thought I will never had any problems with my teeth because both my parents have strong and healthy teeth. Wish I did visit my dentist atleast twince a year before; wish I flossed and brushed my teeth three times a day. If you have a strong teeth now don't ever think it will stay the same even if you won't take good care of them. Healthy and strong teeth are not just given, you need to earn it by taking care of them everyday.

I just had one of my teeth removed last month and it was so painful especially I am scared of blood and needles. All those time I thought, wish I took good care of my teeth so I didn't have to undergo that painful process.

If you are a li'l kid, a grade schooler or in high school now, please take care of your teeth. You will surely have a huge regret in the future if you'd take your teeth for granted. Ask your parents to bring you to the dentist atleast twice a year for thorough a cleaning of your teeth and to make sure your teeth won't be affected by any cavities. Make sure to brush your teeth and floss them after you eat. Eat healthy foods and avoid drinking soda , taking acidic drinks or foods because they make your teeth bad.

Don't wait for the time that you will suffer from toothaches and cavities. Make it a daily habit to take care of your teeth! Start that habit -- NOW!

I'm back and I'm Sharing Info About Insurance

I really owe everyone an apology after not updating this blog for quite awhile. I have been so busy with my work --- good thing today is Friday night and I am free.

So what I have been up to lately? Well, aside from work, I realize lately how important it is for us to get an insurance. Sometimes, I get tired of of paying a lot of insurace bills. From car to house to life insurance but really I realized it's actually pretty smart that we are paying one. Accident insurance for instance is very important. You won't know when accident happens and all you can do is to be prepared all the time. For people who have insurance like us, living life everyday isn't as scary. You know your love ones won't have a problem if anything bad happens to you.

If you are one of those people who still don't have insurance like income insurance, I think it's about time to get one. My friend just got her life insurance Australia. She lives in Australia alone and I think it is best that she gets life and accident insurance.