February 28, 2010

Quote of the Day

Once in our life God will give us something more than we can imagine-- maybe something that we don't even deserve! Something beautiful, magnificent and unbelievable. Have faith even if you're tired of waiting for it 'cause it will come; maybe not tomorrow or not in the near future but trust Him-- He will give it to you!

- Donnalyn Weir

Cars I Want to Own

If you're asked to choose for a car to drive, what would it be? Some say, your car will define who you are. Some people love to drive a luxury car while others drive the car that they can afford. I think if I would be given a chance to get a car regardless of its price I would really prefer having a kind of luxury looking car like Cadillac Escalade or Audi A6. I love to have nice and luxury stuffs but if I was asked to pay for it, I would always prefer the cheaper one. LOL What I am trying to say is, I care for my money but it is also really good to have expensive stuffs. I think all women do, right?

Recently, I tried to find a nice car to drive online; cars that look really nice but not so expensive. I found Lincoln Navigator and Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible. I think every young lady like me would want to own a convertible. It's nice to drive them during spring and summer. It's sexy and really cool looking.

There are so many new cars that is out this year. I know it can be a little hard to choose which one to own if you are planning to buy because almost all cars are beautiful. What I can suggest is, try to know what you really want. A car that won't hurt your wallet or the car that would give you luxury and the "plus" points?