February 27, 2010

Eathquake in Chile, Tsunami Might Follow

After the devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Chile earlier today, tsunami warnings have been sent in the Pacific Regions ( Japan, Australia, Philippines, Japan). It has been noted that every after a big earthquake, tsunami would follow. The Chile earthquake had killed so many people and destroyed millions of properties.

After Haiti, Chile followed. It's like the world is coming to an end :( So many deaths, so many pains. I am praying that God will keep His people away from any harm and heal this world again. My family is in the Philippines and I am so scared what might happen in the next hours or the next days. Our prayers would really help. Let's pray for the world. Let's pray for all of us!

February 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

When I was young, someone told me that for one to live a very good life, he should live in America. Now that I fulfilled the dream of living here, I realize that one can live an amazing life anywhere as long as he has enough money, a loving family and some true friends.

- Donnalyn Weir

Have You Tried Online Trading?

It's amazing how life has been so easy since the discovery of internet. We can do almost everything using it without even leaving our house.

You want to eat your favorite pizza? Just go online and do your order. There is a party coming up but you don't have clothes or shoes to wear, then try online shopping. There are countless of things that we can do now without leaving our house that was so impossible to do before the internet. One of the amazing things that you can do using the net is stock trading. Yes, online trading is also available now. You can buy or sell stocks without leaving your house and doing it the easiest way-- through the use of your pc. Maybe you too have heard that people have been doing these kind of stuffs. If you are new to trading and you have no idea how to do this, there are online broker who can help you too. I would say that online broker is very important if we do the online trading because they can help you decide and give you enough information whether or not you are doing the right thing.

There are few things to consider before engaging yourself in online trading. Make sure you know them before doing a move. Remember, internet makes our life a lot easier and simplier but you have to bear in mind that everything comes with a huge responsibility. Don't be fooled. Be smart.

Saving on Car Repair and Maintenance

One of the most important thing in our daily lives is car. Every American needs one in order to make life easier like going to work, school and to do everyday errands. My friend and I have been talking how car can be so expensive these days. We don't only need to take care of its gas everyday but also it's maintentance like repair and also paying for its insurance every month. For example there was a time when my friend's Chevrolet Silverado needed to be repaired. She had find the most affordable and the best Dallas auto shop so that she could have her car back to its best shape in a cheaper way. Well, good thing that the auto repair where she had her car repaired was the best and the most afforadable one.

When my car needed a brake job, I did the same. I tried to find the most afforable repair shop in town but the one that can do the job the best way too. With the economic problem around the world, everyone is finding a way to save every nickel possible. I am one o those who try to save every penny but not giving up the quality of products/ services. Most of my friends have the same attitude like mine.

My advice to everyone who has been wanting to save especially with their car maintenance and repair, make sure to find the auto repair that gives you a good service in a lower price. Check the company's background and its reputation in the public. It is also best to know their ratings.