February 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

" When the going gets tough, ask for His grace. "

- Donnalyn Weir

Must Have Funny T-Shirts

Have you ever seen people wearing funny t-shirts. I, myself has seen people walking down the street wearing these cute t-shirts with funny messages and they are really catchy. I used to own one long time ago and people would always noticed me 'cause of that tee.

Online, we can find really cute t-shirts with funny messages. I really love them. I think they are awesome. If you visit bufftees.com you will find out what I am talking about. There are so many cute t-shirts there and the two picks of mine are the "Irish Boys Make Wonderful Toys" T-shirt and the "She kissed a Girl and I Liked It" t-shirt. Aren't these messages hilarious? I think they really are catchy!

OMG! The t-shirts that I've seen on the site are so cute and funny; I really am getting one for me!

Finding Service Provider in Your Area

There are so many new search engines that just came out. I would give kudos to the new search engines that let its user search for everything about their locality/city. Like for example because I live in Saint Louis, MO, I can also search everything about my city in this local search engine. If for instance I want to find the best restaurant in town or the best place where I can hang out during Friday night or where to get the best repair shop for my car or the best cable company in the city. What I like about this kind of search engine is the fact that it does know everything about your city, therefore it can give you a great service in finding the things you want in your locale.

So if you live in any city here in USA; Buffalo, NY or Atlanta, GA try justclicklocal.com. I think it's pretty easy to use. I just tried using it for my city here and it did find the one I was looking for.

Cheap Accommodation in United Kingdom

To those who love to travel around the world, here's a good catch. There are ways to make your travel expenses cheaper. I know the fact that the plane tickets alone can be very pricey so try to find some discounts in the place where you are going to stay. The best thing you can do is to book them online. There are online agents that offer cheaper price for hotels; also if you book it ahead of time, you can definitely get some discount so why not book it early.

If you are planning to visit United Kingdom, try to book cheap accommodation Glasgow or if you will be in Birmingham, try a great Birmingham accommodation for a lesser price. All of these cheap booking can be done through the cheaperthanhotels.co.uk site.

Travel more and explore the world!

Getaway for Summer

How many months until summer? Well, it would be too soon but then Spring is almost here!

There are so many things to enjoy during Spring time and Summer. Working outside, planting flowers, getting some tan. Oh! I just love Summer.

Talking about Summer, let's talk about some vacation getaway. Heard about Myrtle Beach Resort? I think this place is perfect for vacation because you can enjoy not only the sun and the beach but also try some rounds of golf. If you visit the site, you would surely be eager to visit Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts and enjoy it this summer.

There are so many Myrtle Beach Resorts and I am choosing which one to visit this summer. I want to have a perfect vacation so I will not just choose any of the resorts there; I will make sure to get the best Oceanfront Beach Resort.

If you haven't heard about the resort that I am talking about, visit their site. You will surely be amazed of how beautiful it is.

Are You Hot or Beautiful

Hot or beautiful, which one do you prefer to be called?

I used to be confused of the meaning of these words. I thought these were interchangeable but after I researched about their respective meaning, I now preferred to be called beautiful over hot.

Hot girls can be found in bars, clubs and other places similar to these. They usually are being hit by everyone. Every man is staring at them. They are usually wearing sexy and seductive clothing. Beautiful women on the other hand can rarely be seen in these places. If they go out, no one hits on them because they are very intimidating. They are usually intelligent and have a good career.

See the difference? Men usually get interested to hot woman for sex but they get to know beautiful woman to bring home to introduce to their family. Beautiful woman has personality, intelligence, passion and motivation to live life beyond its regular grind. They are highly motivated and they don't settle for less.

To sum it up, hot women are just physically attractive while beautiful women are not only good looking but they are also smart, interesting, have good personality.

So are you hot or beautiful?

Math Solution for My Sister Inlaw

Math can be so hard to most school kids, high school and even to the college students. I used to tutor kids in Math and I know how hard it was from them. My sister inlaw is having the same problem with her daughter who is in high school. The poor girl has no interest in Math because she thinks she can never undertand it anyway and no Math Help can really help her.

I know that Guaranteach.com has been helping the students learn Math through their online tutoring service so I told my sister inlaw about it and she is very happy that I did because she thinks the site can really help her daughter with their Algebra tutoring service. She knows that her high school daughter really needs Algebra help because her grades are really going down.

Now that my sister inlaw is considering the online tutoring site, I hope her daughter can conquer her Math problems.

Our Summer Plans

It's like 20 degrees today and I really hate it. I don't think winter is really for me. I hate to be home most of the time and not getting any sun. Wish tomorrow is already summer!

But talking about summer, I have an unending list for it. I have so many people to see on summer and so many places to visit. We already planned even last November about visiting Myrtle Beach. We already visited the place before that's why I want to go back there and spend an awesome summer vacation. The golf would be awesome to try though, I don't really know much about that sports. LOL One thing that I love there are the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels. They are all great and they offer nothing but the finest services. The Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel where we stayed before was really awesome and the people there are just friendly.

I am so looking forward for our stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel this coming summer. Oh, wish tomorrow is already summer!

Cheryl and I talked about Insurance

I believe insurance is really a need. I am 25 years old but I already have life insurance. Life is so uncertain and we don't know what will happen tomorrow that's why it is very important that we are ready all the time. I was telling this to my friend Cheryl in CT. She's been living there for 10 years and she told me she never really thought about getting a life insurance. I am not saying that we would love to die soon but I think it is best to be ready when that time happens any time. One of the reasons why I got life insurance is that fact that I don't want my love ones to suffer trying to pay my bills when I leave them.

After everything that I told Cheryl, she finally consider getting a life insurance. So I helped her find life insurance Somers, CT over the internet. The search was successful because we found some good insurance companies there. We found some life insurance Tolland, CT, CT and even homeowners insurance Somers, CT. My friend consider Paradiso Agency to be the one that stood out among all other companies we found online. She told me she'd consider finding the quotes for her and maybe for her whole family too.

I am glad my friend is considering a life insurance. I think it really is important to have one.

Exchange of Emails with My Aunt

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I'm sorry guys, I was busy with so many things and work lately. Anyway, the last couple of weeks my aunt from Rhode Island and I were exchanging emails. We talked about our family and we tried to looked back with our life before; and we tried to think about our whole clan. So with all the "these" and "those" talks she also mentioned about finding a new insurance. I am no expect but I also give suggestions. My suggestion was searching the net about insurance Providence, RI. I know that there are many insurance companies available everywhere. They only thing that you need worry is that are they good enough or are they the one you are looking for.

So while we were searching the net, we came across in one site that talks about renters insurance Providence, RI. I thought it was perfect for her. The site also has business liability Providence, RI. When I shared to her the link, she was thankful that she now have an insurance to consider. But then she still needs to study more about the company and consider a second opinion from her husband. She wants to get the best and I know she will find what she is looking for.

My aunt and I are still exchanging emails until now. We are planning to see each other on summer and I can't wait for it.