January 30, 2010

Facebook or Myspace?

MySpace or Facebook?

Facebook and MySpace are the leading social networks today. Years ago, people were talking too much about myspace and how it affected their lives. But nowadays, Facebook is the term you can hear everywhere. Most of the people I know have facebook and well, they used to have myspace too.

So why is it facebook is taking over? In my own point of view, facebook has the best style/layout. It makes the social networking fun, interesting and addictive. It took a li'l while before I actually gave facebook a try because I was used with the other social network site. Facebook also has these cool applications like the one that almost all people are addicted to-- the farmville. I don't play this but my friends do-- all of them actually!

I still do have myspace because I do have friends there who are not in facebook. I save my account there for these few friends. There are cool stuffs in myspace that facebook doesn't have and I would point out the myspace karaoke. I love it, coz its fun. The thing that I hate about myspace on the other hand is how slow the loading of every page. I think it's because it is loaded of so many ads. I mean A LOT of ads!

How often do I visit my facebook? I check it so many times a day. This is the site I check first, right after I wake up and the only site I check before I go to bed. Sometimes it is so addictive that I can't do anything the whole day but just facebooking. I think the people behind facebook are really genius for bringing this global social network!

Help for Those in Debt

There are times in our life when we screw up but it doesn't mean we can't correct it and do a new start.

Today, many people have been struggling how to get out from debt. Sometimes its started from spending too much, using the credit card endlessly and using your money in some investment that didn't really work. No matter how you get in the situation of being in debt, always think that there are choices to make to do a fresh start. Yes, maybe the steps wouldn't be that easy but if you are determined to have a good financial future again, I think it's really your responsibility to start " doing something" about it as soon as possible.

One of the ways to help you solve your financial problem is to have a credit counselling and learn some financial education program to help you understand what are the do's and dont's in your financial arena. There are organizations that provide these services. Most of the services that these organizations give are giving the people education on how to track their spending, do a proper budgeting and help them with ways to pay their debt through debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is quite known to people who used to be in debt and found a way out. This is the way where you they use either unsecure loan or the secure one to pay their debts. In most cases, debt consolidation is use to solve payment in house mortgage and credit card debts.

I am not a financial expert but I am only sharing some little idea on how to help people who are struggling to get out from debt. I know it must be tough but with the help of these orgs which do credit counseling, I think it will make the process a little easier.

January 25, 2010

Taking Care of Bad Credit

One of the most important things to do today is to maintain our good credit score. Maybe some are so blessed that you have an excellent credit score but other people are just having hard times on how to have credit repair.

There are so many things that we will have to suffer if we have bad credit score, that is why it is always best to improve credit so that we won't have to deal with these problems. People with bad credit score will likely to suffer rejection from loans, credit card and more. Just think of how hard it is if you want to loan for a house and the bank will reject you because you don't have the best credit score.

If you want to have a new life and have a good credit score again, I'm sure today is not too late yet. There are many credit repair companies that will help you solve this problem and will give you a new start or far more better be back in the best shape you were before. So don't procrastinate; today is the best day to have a great credit score again.