January 13, 2010

Getting All Dolled Up

How often do you dress up yourself and feel good about it?

I love fashion but I am no fashion guru or an all-time-fashionista but I think I can wear and carry myself well. Aside from writing blogs and reading good books, I also love to be fashionable. Like any other girls, I also love clothes, bags, shoes, jewelries and all other accessories to make us look good. I love make up too, though I am not particularly good at it.

Last week, when my whole family went out for some special evening I did a little touch of myself. I call it, an all-dolled-up look!

Feeling good about how we look can really help to boost our confidence so don't be scared to wear that stilleto and make yourself a fabulous girl-- even for just a day!

My Friend Enjoys Chicago Theater

My friend from the Philippines came here in United States last year. She is now residing in Chicago. She feels so excited with all the new things she is experiencing in her state. She said, she loves almost everything in the place. She and her husband have been going to the theater because both of them love the theater.

Going to theater can be a li'l expensive if you always do it, according to her but thanks to the discounts that they been enjoying. They already able to enjoy the discounts for Ringling Brothers Circus tickets, and saw the coolest circus she had ever seen. She told me about this site where they buy their Chicago Theatre tickets for affordable prices. She told me they always get good deals that's why they don't mind going to the theater as often as they want it.

Acheapseat.com, a site where they always get their affordable tickets also offer good deal if you Chicago Blackhawks tickets. So if you are in Chicago and would love to watch the said events, visit this site that my friend is talking about.

January 12, 2010

Physics and Chemistry Help Available

The major subjects in high school and I think the subjects that we can consider particularly hard are Math, Physics and Chemistry. The common denominator of these subjects are numbers. The three subjects deal with numbers thats why they are considered to be hard and tough. I remember when I was in my junior and senior years, my classmates would always had a hard times passing Chemistry, Physics and Math.

To be able to conquer these subjects, a student should give an effort to understand them. Listen to your teachers' discussions and always study your home work. Sometimes, those things aren't even enough that's some hire tutors.Finding Chemistry help and Physics help can be hard. You need to find someone who has enough knowledge on the subjects so that your money won't be wasted. A good Physics problem solver are usually those who has degree on that subject; and the same thing with the Chemistry tutor, she or he should also be someone who has a degree to make sure he/she can help you with your Science questions effectively.

The problem with finding someone to hire as a physics tutor or Science help is the money. They can be very expensive, especially if we are talking about the one who really has enough knowledge on the subject matter-- someone is a degree holder. Good thing, we really don't have to do it because with the help of technology particularly with the internet, we can have a competent tutor who would help us 24/7. Yes, that's very true. There are sites now that give tutorial services to all subjects especially in Math, Physics and Chemistry. In this way, the fee is a lot cheaper, making us learn the subject more possible.

We got to thank our technology for making this possible. Today we can get help for all our subjects for a cheaper amount-- would it be a Physics tutor or a Chemistry help.

January 10, 2010

Poem : Because She Feighs

There are times when we have to pretend. The time when it is better to conceal what we feel than open it to others; like we want to look so happy even if we are hurting inside. I made this poem because maybe, at some point I am one of those who pretends!

Because She Feighs
By: Donnalyn Weir

The forbidden truth that she's trying to seek
Is too hard to get because she's too weak
How can see find the reality
If her soul is living in fantasy.

She can't see her reflection in the clearest water.
Even in the mirror, the person she sees isn't her.
Her image is good only good when it's dark
Because her brain is pretty but not her heart.

She wants the best but she doesn't get them
She gets the rock but not the gem
She wants the perfect and the flawless
But she gets the mediocre and she's still loveless

Who is she?
A prentending heart.
A searching soul
A mind with a lost spirit.

Shopping for My Son's Toddler Car Seat

Time has passed to fast that my baby is now a toddler and he needs to get rid of his car seat and replace it with a new toddler car seat. It's hard sometimes to let go about it but I think as a mom I should be happy that my baby is actually growing. I tried to find some good deals on toodler car seat online. I think maybe it is best to get them online knowing it's hard to go to malls now with my hectic schedule. I checked on become.com and found some really good deals there. There are pretty expensive seats but there are also pretty affordable one. I am on budget so I would probably get the affordable but still a good quality car seat. I don't really want to give up the quality just to enjoy the cheap price of it. The orbit toddler car seat seems to be very good quality but the price is so expensive at $360.00 but the 2009 priori car seat at $199.00 seems very reasonable. I think the later is the one I am getting.

After I browsed the site I found out that I can't only find car seats but almost everything there. I have checked some really pretty bedroom vanity sets and I think the site has so many of them that I just love. The site also has jewelries, sneakers, boots, samsung LCD TV and more.

I really enjoyed browsing the site and do some little shopping. It was fun and easy!