December 3, 2010

Never Stop Praying

How often do you pray?

Prayer is very important to us because this is our way to talk to God. Every time I feel frustrated or sad, I pray. Every time I'm happy, I pray. Through prayers we can tell God our frustrations and sadness and through prayers, we can thank Him every time we feel blessed and happy.

There really comes a time when we feel everyone has left us alone. None of our friends are available to talk to or we can't even reach our mom/ husband/ wife through the phone. But do you know God is always everywhere, anytime of the day? We can talk to Him all the time, through praying.

We should never feel alone because God is always available , even when everyone else isn't.

The Bible says:

.. Never stop praying.
(1 Thessalonians 5:17)

..Pray to your Father in private . He knows what is done in private and he will reward you.
(Matthew 6:6)

Let me share to you the poem prayer I made :)

My Prayer

Every night before I sleep
I say a little prayer for the
I ask God with all my heart
To give this world a brand new start

My heart is crying
While I am praying..
Lord, please heal this
sinful land
Famine and war,
I give it all to Your hand

please hear the cry of the helpless
Don’t let this world be led by the
Father I pray for our leaders
Please give them the heart to
care for others

I hope spreading peace will go so far
So this world
will finally be free from war.
Our Almighty God please hear my voice
And give my heart the right reason to rejoice!

Praying makes us closer to God, so make it a habit to say a little prayer everyday.

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