September 8, 2010

Is Satellite TV Better?

TV is one of the things that we can't live without. Every American loves to watch tv whether it is for news, sports, tv series or movie. I don't think we can imagine ourselves not having tv for two days that's why reliability of the tv signal is very important. There have been issues and debates which one is better cable or satellite. For me, I choose satellite tv. We used to be with cable before and we hate how expensive it was and the customer service was just awful. About a year ago we switched to Direct TV and we are happy with it so far. The signal is reliable plus the customer service is great 24/7.

I am not really encouraging anyone to switch because it's really up to you on which one you believe is better. But if you like satellite tv, you can check out to learn more about satellite tv and the packages you can choose from. Check LocalTV-Satellite and decide from there.

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