August 12, 2010

Teens Religious Background Affects Their Views on Sex

Does a strong religious background affects on teenager’s views on sex? Studies have found out that teenagers who are religious are less likely to have sex than those teenagers who are less religious. The strong religious views have shaped the teenagers not to engage in sex because of the conviction they feel about it. Religious priests and pastors have been teaching that sex outside the marriage is wrong that’s why teenagers feel guilty on engaging in such activity.

I totally agree with these studies because I was also brought up with a very strong religious view on sex. I believe sex outside the marriage is shameful and is considered to be a sin. At some point I am so thankful that I was brought this way because my teenage life wasn’t spent in early pregnancy or curing some sexually-transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Nowadays, teenagers do not care about what’s bad about having sex at the early age. They don’t have any conviction even if they will have more than one sex partners. It’s very sad that the number of teenage pregnancy and young people suffering from STD’s and AIDS are very high. Media have been trying many ways to educate the teens to have “responsible sex” but it seems not working.

I believe if sex is taught in a religious way, we can help our teens not to engage in sex. Considering sex as a scared thing to be enjoyed only by married couple is a very good idea to help the teens handle their stupid argues on sex at their very young age.

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