August 16, 2010

Making Love VS Sex

Sex and making love are quite closely associated to each other and most of people considered them as synonymous. What they don’t know, these two words maybe closely related but not entirely substitutable.

Most men don’t know the difference of these two. They think love making is also having sex or vice versa. For women though, we know the difference of the two.

Sex and love making maybe be the same in the physical act but emotionally they are quite so different. Sex is just a physical act; an act when you both enjoy each other body’s. Making love on the other hand, involves emotional and spiritual connection between the couple making the physical act more fulfilling and blissful.

Sex is an act that you share with someone you barely know in the bar or some one night stand kind of affair. Making love is the act that you share with someone you love and care—a girlfriend/boyfriend or a wife/husband.

So what do you prefer? An enjoyable sex or a blissful love making?

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