August 7, 2010

From Youtube to Worldwide Superstardom

Who is the most fabulous this week?
Maybe you have seen her performances on youtube or you have watched her on Oprah multiple times-- this girl named Charice is now getting the attention of the world because of her big voice. What is the most fabulous about her story is that she started joining singing contest since she was seven years old for a living in her native country, Philippines. But look where she is now! Today, she is currently one of the a-list Hollywood singers who are really making it BIG!
After the success of her first Pop- Rnb single Pyramid that peaked at No. 1 in Billboard Dance Chart and her first International Debut Album that peaked at No. 8 in Billboard Top 200, this petite superstar singer is also joining FOX's hit TV Series, Glee this fall!!

Charice is just fabulous; so as her story and talent! You go Charice!

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