August 29, 2010

Don't Let Facebook and Twitter Ruin Your Life

Facebook and Twitter are two of the sites that people are so obsessed about today. Every time I check my accounts on both site, I can read my friends' statuses about how their days have went, how they hate their classmates or brother and I can also see their uploaded bedroom photos or even their restroom pics. Isn't it sick? I think so too. But I was no exception before. I was also addicted to facebook. I remember those days when I would post everything on my wall. My family problems and what made me upset that day. But after awhile I learned something important-- it's not good to share everything online. Imagine who can read and see all the photos you've posted their-- Everyone who uses internet. Even if you set it to private, if that photo is something interesting, I'm sure it would propagate. Someone out there would save and share it. So if you are planning to post your nude pictures, internet is definitely not the right place.

Right now I am still using facebook and twitter but I am using them in more useful ways-- like promoting my sites! If you use Facebook and Twitter the right way, these sites are very useful and yes, Internet is really great if we use it the right way!

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