August 25, 2010

Because I Love You So

My hubby is just extra sweet with me lately. One night he brought me a dozen red roses. I asked him what's the occassion, he said, he just loves me.

Love is as sweet as love songs and as beautiful as poem that was written from the heart. You are blessed if someone loves you, so be thankful if there is one man out there who is willing to fight for you.

I think I have already posted this poem that I wrote months ago but today I think I'd love to re-post it so people would know how much I love my husband. This is specially dedicated to him.


by Donnalyn Weir

I want you to wake up each day
Knowing that I’m here to stay
For life, through thick and thin
Because you are my life—my everything.

You are like an everyday sun to me
Your love is like a light of hope that I see
You're my strength in times of sorrow
You're the reason why I see a brighter tomorrow.

Baby, I want you to know
That every beat of my heart is only for you
Now the pains of our past are forgotten and erased
‘Cause love fills our hearts with heavenly bliss.

Oh, I thank God I found my love in you.
In someone who gives me a love that’s so true
Our love will surely last forever
And there is nothing that can break us, ever!

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