July 16, 2010

Dream Like Charice

It's been awhile since my last Charice post on this site. She has gone so far since then actually. After the release of her Self-titled International Album, Charice has been on all over America's biggest magazines, and tv news. Recently, she also confirmed she's going to be on Fox's hit tv series Glee!

I have been asking myself, how did this girl from the Philippines became so famous in such a short time. Is it really her destiny or she worked hard for it? When I read her story I was really in owe. Her life story is like a fairytale. She is like the Cinderella of our time. She was literally singing for her super in the Philippines before she became a superstar not only in her nativeland but also in America and all over the world.

The things that are happening to Charice now is like a well-written piece of fairytale which the author is God Himself. Every little detail of it is a sign of God's love to His people who strive hard to follow their dreams. Charice is a living testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness to someone who loves her mom and would do any hardship just to make her family happy.

Like Charice, let's dream, have faith and God will surely give what we deserve!

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  1. you got a Goosebumps-effect blog about Charice,, keep supporting her!! she's indeed undeniable. As Lea Salonga said.."If you are insanely talented, the world is so stupid to ignore you"