May 27, 2010

SubmitEdge: Can It Help Boost Your Site's PR?

As a blogger and someone who owns a site, I always look for ways to make my site's pagerank go higher. The higher the pagerank, the more revenue I get from my site, it means I earn better. Well, there are many sites where you can submit your site's URL that promise they will make you site prominent in the online world. I am not one of those bloggers who earn millions of dollars every year but I am a blogger who knows things on this blogsphere. I know where to sumbit my URL and make my URL's pagerank higher. In fact both my sites are all PR3.

Okay so let me tell you about this new Directory submission site-- SubmitEdge! This site for me is great to bloggers who want to build the PR of their sites so that they will have more page views. This site gives a good link building service. I can tell that this site is legit, so if you are a blogger or a site owner, I think it won't hurt if you will try their services. Give your site a real boost!

We all know how important it is for our site to have a good number of Page Rank, a higher ranking in search engines and of course to get a good number of views every month. So give this link submission site a try.

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