May 1, 2010

Planning Your Own Funeral

I think talking about death is not the best topic of all but we have to accept the fact that death comes in our way. No matter how hard we want to stay away from it, truth remains that it will happen to us or to our love ones that's why I think instead of denying it, we have to do our best to be prepared for it.

Planning for our own funeral is not a bad thing. We know the fact that we are going to that direction sooner or later I think it's best to be prepared. My friend's grandma already planned for her funeral. She said she wants to be buried nicely and she doesn't want to give that responsibility to her kids so she's planning it ahead of time. She is now trying to consider getting either of the following : affordable casket, Aluminum urns, American Made Casket. She is also considering to hire Star Legacy Funeral Network because it offers a more affordable alternative in funeral-related services.

I think my friend's grandma is right about planning our own funeral. It's always best that we are prepared so that we don't be a burden to our kids when time comes.

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