April 25, 2010

Fashion: Be Chic in White

"Be chic in white."

White is my favorite color and I think wearing all white would make you look real chic and fabulous IF you got what it takes to wear it. I am saying this because according to most fashion critics, white is a hard color to wear because this color would make you look bigger instead of slimmer. And oh yeah! We don't wanna be complimented " You must have gained few pounds" when you wear this " Be chic in white" Spring fashion.

The model above is wearing a sexy li'l white dress with a big vintage brown belt. Although is it very obvious that she looks so chic and sexy in this all-white outfit, I wouldn't recommend this to everyone. But IF you're slim enough or even a li'l chubby but confident to carry yourself in this outfit, I wouldn't stop you to wear this. Remember, it's not only the outfit that would make you stand out, it's always what you wear plus how confident you are while wearing it, that would.

*Photo is posted with permission.

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