March 25, 2010

My Spring Hobby - Planting!

Flowers and plants are two of the reasons why we love Spring. I don't know with you guys but I do love to plant beautiful flowers every Spring. I love to see how pretty they make my house.

Last year, I bought beautiful window boxes for our windows. Our house has so many windows but I managed to buy all of them with window boxes and planted beautiful flowers and plants on each box and oh, they made our whole house looks so refreshing that Spring.

The Spring for this year has officially started this week and I am so excited again to make our home beautiful. I haven't started shopping for the stuffs I need like the kind of flowers and plants I will have this year but next week, my shopping spree will start :) I am thinking to get few window flower boxes again this year because some of the boxes I had last year are damaged. I will still use the others that are still in good condition and replace only the damage ones. (Being thrifty this year is really a must, especially with our economic downfall.)

I will share to you next week about the kind of plants I will have and how my planting, decorating and landscaping go. I am sure it will be awesome. I am always excited and happy to do this kind of job. I am definitely a nature lover -- especially a lover of beautiful flowers, ornamental plants that is.

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