March 29, 2010

Feel Good, Look Good

Feeling good and looking good are very important. These two would give as more confident to deal with daily encounters especially with our social lives. Don't get me wrong but besides from being a good person, we also owe ourselves to look good for others. Looking good is not only a responsibility of the TV stars and celebreties to themselves but we, the ordinary people also need to look good.

Here are some of the tips:

1. Eat Healthy Foods. I know this is kind of hard especially if we are living in the city where life is so busy. Sometimes we can't cook for ourselves that's why we always end up in fast foods. Or this one can also be hard knowing that we are used to eat the fatty foods. Okay, for us to accomplish this, we should have discipline. Bear in mind that we will also be the one to suffer if we end up being so unhealthy. Drink water and juices instead of soda or beers. Eat more fruits and even how busy we can be, don't do fast food everyday.

2. Exercise. This is very important. Doing some physical works can help our heart healthier and make us fit. Here in America, over-weight is really a big problem because so many people don't do any physical work. If your job doesn't require it, hit the gym even just for twice a week.

3. Be Neat and Clean. For you to look good, you also need to be looking clean and smelling good. No one likes someone who looks dirty. Make it a habit to have a shower atleast once a day. Always wear clean, pressed clothes.

4. Know Some Fashion. Maybe you are not the one who work as an executive that you think you can never wear some fabulous clothing. Actually you can be glamurous and fabulous too. Try some sexy dress and stilleto once in awhile. If you don't have any idea how to match them, read some fashion mags. It wouldn't hurt to have it a try!

So start feeling good and looking good. You definitely owe yourself this!


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