February 12, 2010

Our Summer Plans

It's like 20 degrees today and I really hate it. I don't think winter is really for me. I hate to be home most of the time and not getting any sun. Wish tomorrow is already summer!

But talking about summer, I have an unending list for it. I have so many people to see on summer and so many places to visit. We already planned even last November about visiting Myrtle Beach. We already visited the place before that's why I want to go back there and spend an awesome summer vacation. The golf would be awesome to try though, I don't really know much about that sports. LOL One thing that I love there are the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels. They are all great and they offer nothing but the finest services. The Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel where we stayed before was really awesome and the people there are just friendly.

I am so looking forward for our stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel this coming summer. Oh, wish tomorrow is already summer!

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