February 12, 2010

Finding Service Provider in Your Area

There are so many new search engines that just came out. I would give kudos to the new search engines that let its user search for everything about their locality/city. Like for example because I live in Saint Louis, MO, I can also search everything about my city in this local search engine. If for instance I want to find the best restaurant in town or the best place where I can hang out during Friday night or where to get the best repair shop for my car or the best cable company in the city. What I like about this kind of search engine is the fact that it does know everything about your city, therefore it can give you a great service in finding the things you want in your locale.

So if you live in any city here in USA; Buffalo, NY or Atlanta, GA try justclicklocal.com. I think it's pretty easy to use. I just tried using it for my city here and it did find the one I was looking for.

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