February 12, 2010

Exchange of Emails with My Aunt

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I'm sorry guys, I was busy with so many things and work lately. Anyway, the last couple of weeks my aunt from Rhode Island and I were exchanging emails. We talked about our family and we tried to looked back with our life before; and we tried to think about our whole clan. So with all the "these" and "those" talks she also mentioned about finding a new insurance. I am no expect but I also give suggestions. My suggestion was searching the net about insurance Providence, RI. I know that there are many insurance companies available everywhere. They only thing that you need worry is that are they good enough or are they the one you are looking for.

So while we were searching the net, we came across in one site that talks about renters insurance Providence, RI. I thought it was perfect for her. The site also has business liability Providence, RI. When I shared to her the link, she was thankful that she now have an insurance to consider. But then she still needs to study more about the company and consider a second opinion from her husband. She wants to get the best and I know she will find what she is looking for.

My aunt and I are still exchanging emails until now. We are planning to see each other on summer and I can't wait for it.

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