February 12, 2010

Are You Hot or Beautiful

Hot or beautiful, which one do you prefer to be called?

I used to be confused of the meaning of these words. I thought these were interchangeable but after I researched about their respective meaning, I now preferred to be called beautiful over hot.

Hot girls can be found in bars, clubs and other places similar to these. They usually are being hit by everyone. Every man is staring at them. They are usually wearing sexy and seductive clothing. Beautiful women on the other hand can rarely be seen in these places. If they go out, no one hits on them because they are very intimidating. They are usually intelligent and have a good career.

See the difference? Men usually get interested to hot woman for sex but they get to know beautiful woman to bring home to introduce to their family. Beautiful woman has personality, intelligence, passion and motivation to live life beyond its regular grind. They are highly motivated and they don't settle for less.

To sum it up, hot women are just physically attractive while beautiful women are not only good looking but they are also smart, interesting, have good personality.

So are you hot or beautiful?

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