January 10, 2010

Shopping for My Son's Toddler Car Seat

Time has passed to fast that my baby is now a toddler and he needs to get rid of his car seat and replace it with a new toddler car seat. It's hard sometimes to let go about it but I think as a mom I should be happy that my baby is actually growing. I tried to find some good deals on toodler car seat online. I think maybe it is best to get them online knowing it's hard to go to malls now with my hectic schedule. I checked on become.com and found some really good deals there. There are pretty expensive seats but there are also pretty affordable one. I am on budget so I would probably get the affordable but still a good quality car seat. I don't really want to give up the quality just to enjoy the cheap price of it. The orbit toddler car seat seems to be very good quality but the price is so expensive at $360.00 but the 2009 priori car seat at $199.00 seems very reasonable. I think the later is the one I am getting.

After I browsed the site I found out that I can't only find car seats but almost everything there. I have checked some really pretty bedroom vanity sets and I think the site has so many of them that I just love. The site also has jewelries, sneakers, boots, samsung LCD TV and more.

I really enjoyed browsing the site and do some little shopping. It was fun and easy!

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