January 10, 2010

Poem : Because She Feighs

There are times when we have to pretend. The time when it is better to conceal what we feel than open it to others; like we want to look so happy even if we are hurting inside. I made this poem because maybe, at some point I am one of those who pretends!

Because She Feighs
By: Donnalyn Weir

The forbidden truth that she's trying to seek
Is too hard to get because she's too weak
How can see find the reality
If her soul is living in fantasy.

She can't see her reflection in the clearest water.
Even in the mirror, the person she sees isn't her.
Her image is good only good when it's dark
Because her brain is pretty but not her heart.

She wants the best but she doesn't get them
She gets the rock but not the gem
She wants the perfect and the flawless
But she gets the mediocre and she's still loveless

Who is she?
A prentending heart.
A searching soul
A mind with a lost spirit.

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