December 11, 2010

I'm Excited for Summer

Isn't it awful how cold the Winter is? I think it's the worst time of the year. Good thing, it won't going to last forever. Before we know it, it's Summertime again.

So what's your plan this Summer? I'm sure one of it is going to the beach. Yes, nothing is more fun than a Summer spent in a great beach. I have tried to inquire about Myrtle Beach acc0mmodations and Myrtle Beach hotel reservations online and I think the prices are not that bad. I am really thinking of going there again with friends and family since we did enjoy our last vacation there.

If you too want to know about the prices and accommocation of Myrtle Beach Resort, visit

Online Trading is In!

So online trading is in? Yes, it is! People for years have been doing stock trading online; others do mobile trading.

Nowadays, we are all equipped with great technology. Internet is one of the best human inventions ever created. We can do almost everything within the comforts of our home because of it. Yes even stock trading.

There are sites now that give us security in online trading. It also provide online broker that will help us decide and think about which stock to buy or give us professional advise when it comes to great stocks and stock trading.

Gold is A Good Investment

We've already heard about Gold being one of the best investment we can ever have. This is because gold's value never really depreciate unlike other items like car and house. Because of this people for years are buying gold for investment.

If you, too, think gold is a good investment and you want to purchase some real gold for investment try to gold bullion. Bullion is one of the best investments as cited by some financial advisers.

Click the link gold IRA and you will be able to read more about how to buy gold and other stufffs about investment on gold.

It's never too late to invest- yes, even today with a really down economy.

December 3, 2010

Never Stop Praying

How often do you pray?

Prayer is very important to us because this is our way to talk to God. Every time I feel frustrated or sad, I pray. Every time I'm happy, I pray. Through prayers we can tell God our frustrations and sadness and through prayers, we can thank Him every time we feel blessed and happy.

There really comes a time when we feel everyone has left us alone. None of our friends are available to talk to or we can't even reach our mom/ husband/ wife through the phone. But do you know God is always everywhere, anytime of the day? We can talk to Him all the time, through praying.

We should never feel alone because God is always available , even when everyone else isn't.

The Bible says:

.. Never stop praying.
(1 Thessalonians 5:17)

..Pray to your Father in private . He knows what is done in private and he will reward you.
(Matthew 6:6)

Let me share to you the poem prayer I made :)

My Prayer

Every night before I sleep
I say a little prayer for the
I ask God with all my heart
To give this world a brand new start

My heart is crying
While I am praying..
Lord, please heal this
sinful land
Famine and war,
I give it all to Your hand

please hear the cry of the helpless
Don’t let this world be led by the
Father I pray for our leaders
Please give them the heart to
care for others

I hope spreading peace will go so far
So this world
will finally be free from war.
Our Almighty God please hear my voice
And give my heart the right reason to rejoice!

Praying makes us closer to God, so make it a habit to say a little prayer everyday.

October 29, 2010

Make the Most of Your Adword

If you have your own online business or website and has tried online advertising, I'm sure you have heard of Google Adwords. Google adword is one of the most famous way to advertise online. Doing this is actually simple but reaching the larger audience in advertising is hard. I'm sure the Google has tried its best to make this as effective as it can be but there also way to make it more effect and that is by hiring an adwords management company.

Having an expert to work on how to make your Adword be more effective in reaching a widest audience in the net would ensure success in advertising. Sometimes, there are just people who know things a lot better than us in a certain field.
So if your advertising strategy had failed and you want to make it more effective this time, try hiring adwords management and search retargeting company.

Gas Logs For Winter

The temperature in Saint Louis has dropped so down that I think it's already a torture to go out. Staying inside the house is now a lot better than doing something outside.

Every Winter, we always make sure to get good fireplace gas logs. Having them makes Winter enjoyable and warm. I love how they they make our fireplace look good. Doesn't it feel so warm and cozy to see a nice fireplace inside the house?

Hansen Wholesale has many good fireplace logs to choose from. I always consider shopping in this site before going to others because it has a large selection of great stuffs. One of the gas logs I like is the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs because its fire looks amazing and it really makes our home warm. My other choices from the site are vented gas logs and outdoor gas logs.

October 24, 2010

More Info About Webhosting

I have written various posts already about webhosting business and I've met couple of people who have tried this business and are making well on this field.

We know webhosting is a growing business in the internet. Can you imagine if this webhosting will be the next big big thing in the internet and you are one of those who pioneered on this field? You will definitely be one of the luckiest, if ever. But anyway, the reason why I have not really started my own web hosting is because I feel I am not so knowledgeable about this yet. I don't wanna be in the battle when I know I will feel so helpless.

But if you really want to start your own web hosting business and you are not so equipped with enough knowledge yet, make sure to get more info and help from sites that offer help on this field. For example the site has so many relevant information about how to build your own webhosting. This site also gives you info on domain transfer, how to backup your website and more.

October 20, 2010

Video Converter

I always think it would be awesome if I know a lot about video editing. There are times when a certain video should be changed to a different format for you to download it to another gadget like ipad.

Today I found out about video converter, a software that converts video formats to another video formats so it will be viewable. It can work as a video converter for Mac and Ipad video converter. What cool about this software is that it can handle about 150 video formats and audio and it can also do editing.

With this software, we can learn more about converting video formats and some video editing. Whoa! Pretty cool!

Wanna Download Some Games?

I love to play games in my computer especially if I am bored. Killing time is way too convenient in this way. There are quite a lot of downloaded games available online that you may want to try. Of course make sure you are interested to those games before downloading them so you won't gonna waste your computer memory.

Also, in downloading games in your computer, make sure your computer is protected from viruses and the site where the games will be downloading from is also safe.

Wish It's Summer Again

Who loves Winter? For this past week, the temperature has already been down to 60's and 50's. It's already pretty cold for me and all I wish is to be Summer again. I remember warm water in the ocean and the beauty of the beach. Wish it's still Summer!

But Winter won't be forever. Before we know it, it's gonna be back to warm and hot temperature again and we will enjoy the beach again. Summer for me is about beach and golf. I love the resort in Myrtle Beach. Summer that is spent in there is just amazing. So maybe next Summer we will get to go and enjoy the golf course, ocean scenery and Myrtle Beach Hotelwith has great amenities.

Oh, wish it's Summer again!

October 17, 2010

Pepper Spray As Protection

Nowadays keeping ourselves safe is very hard. Crimes are happening everywhere, even in the place you least expect it to happen, that's why it is very important to protect ourselves all the time. Heard about home security to protect our homes right? Well, there is also other thing we can use to protect ourselves that we can bring wherever we want to go- the self-defense pepper spray. I think every woman should carry one like this because you will never know what's going to happen when you are alone.

I browsed the site that sells security products and it has so many kinds of pepper spray like lipstick pepper spray, pen defender pepper spray and a lot more. One of the thing I love to get is the 50 states approved pocket mace key chain.

Let's always be protected whenever you go.

October 10, 2010

Protect Your Credit Score

How good is your credit score?

Here in America, we always make sure we have a good credit score because having a bad one also means you will be deprived of many things like getting a car loan, a house and even getting a job.

Recent reports says that the cases of stealing identity has increased. We don't want to be a victim of identity theft who will make our credit score bad, that's why it is good to always check our credit score every now and then. There are sites that offer credit score reports and consumer credit information, along with identity theft protection services.

Medical Uniforms/ Scrubs

I wonder if you already know this site that sells cheap scrubs for men. I discovered this site couple of months ago when I was helping my friend who wants to buy medical uniforms. Although he is a nurse and he earnings is not bad, he is still trying to budget because of today's economy. Buying a good quality products like a medical scrubs doesn't need to be expensive because today, there are so many online stores that sells cheap but good quality stuffs.

So if you are looking for cheap nurse uniforms or any medical scrubs/uniforms, try to visit this site. You might like this online store too :)

September 29, 2010

Car and Car Insurance

My guy friend from Texas loves to talk about cars. He is really into it. He knows a lot of things about the different brands, and which one has a better quality even if it's not as expensive as the others. We both agree that BMW is a great car. This is probably not very cheap but I would pay for it considering it gives you a pretty good comfort and convenience, plus it looks luxurious. He also mentioned about Mitsubishi isn't a bad car. It is not expensive and they have some styles that looks great.

He told me that when you get a car, you should not only consider the car that you're getting but also the car insurance. He said, you should be aware of the car insurance claims in case something happened and before anything, find a way to find good car insurance brokers. Getting a good insurance broker will lead you in choosing a great car insurance. So, don't be so naive in these things even if you are a first time car buyer.

September 22, 2010

Cable Installation Company to Check

A friend of mine who lives in OH owns a big game store business and she once told me how hard they struggled to get where they are now. One of things I can never forget is about how they choose a good cable contrator for their game stores. At their stores they have so many eletronics, game consul tv screens and other eletronics that's why a good cable contrator is really needed to make everything works perfectly. With the story she told, I realized that cabling installation is one of the things that you need to make it right to excel in the game store business. If possible you need to get the best in the business so that you will ensure that the cable for everything like electrical, internet etc are in the right place and would work great.

I have read online about a great cabling installation company in America that has been doing this business for a long time and apparently they are one of the best in the business. They offer data cabling installation, fiber optics installation and more.

If you are also looking for a good cable installer for your company, you should check this company out. Visit their website at

September 13, 2010

Choosing for Bathroom Tiles

Everyone of us want to have a nice bathroom that's why we have bathroom remodelling from time to time. Lately, we had our bathroom remodelled and I am very happy with the bathroom tiles that we have now. It's very pretty and it looks very expensive although it is quite affordable.

Choosing for what kind of tiles to use could be a little hard sometimes. For us we tried to find the one the goes well to the design of our house. It's always nice to shop in a place with a large selection of tiles. In that way you can select what is really the best one when it comes to design and affordability for your bathroom.

There are quite a lot of sites now that sell tiles and most of them got a large selection of different tiles like subway tiles.

September 8, 2010

Is Satellite TV Better?

TV is one of the things that we can't live without. Every American loves to watch tv whether it is for news, sports, tv series or movie. I don't think we can imagine ourselves not having tv for two days that's why reliability of the tv signal is very important. There have been issues and debates which one is better cable or satellite. For me, I choose satellite tv. We used to be with cable before and we hate how expensive it was and the customer service was just awful. About a year ago we switched to Direct TV and we are happy with it so far. The signal is reliable plus the customer service is great 24/7.

I am not really encouraging anyone to switch because it's really up to you on which one you believe is better. But if you like satellite tv, you can check out to learn more about satellite tv and the packages you can choose from. Check LocalTV-Satellite and decide from there.

September 1, 2010

They Got My Shoe Size

* Screenshot of the site*

One of the things I love to buy are shoes. I love shoes! But the problem is I have a very tiny feet so it's really impossible for me to buy my shoes from malls. Good thing online shopping was discovered, I can finally find a 4 US size shoes. It's still hard to find though.

One of the online shoe store that has my size is When I found this site it made me happy to see the size selection on their size. They have shoe sizes from 4 to 13. Their prices ranges from $50 to $300+.

The site also has so many cute and fashionable shoes from brands like sebago, miz mooz, old gringo and more.

I'm so glad I have another online store that has my shoe size. I am always happy to find one!

August 29, 2010

Videos of Charice Performances at Six Flags, New Jersey , Aug. 29, 2010

Charice is one of the performers at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park in Jackson of New Jersey earlier today, August 29, 2010.

Charice rocked the place with her amazing voice. Here are the videos of her amazing performances:

Charice Performing, I Love You

Charice Performing Reset

Charice Perfoming Cover Remixes of Lady Gaga's Micheal Jackson's and Miley Cyrus'

Charice Performing, In This Song

VIDEOS courtesy of

Don't Let Facebook and Twitter Ruin Your Life

Facebook and Twitter are two of the sites that people are so obsessed about today. Every time I check my accounts on both site, I can read my friends' statuses about how their days have went, how they hate their classmates or brother and I can also see their uploaded bedroom photos or even their restroom pics. Isn't it sick? I think so too. But I was no exception before. I was also addicted to facebook. I remember those days when I would post everything on my wall. My family problems and what made me upset that day. But after awhile I learned something important-- it's not good to share everything online. Imagine who can read and see all the photos you've posted their-- Everyone who uses internet. Even if you set it to private, if that photo is something interesting, I'm sure it would propagate. Someone out there would save and share it. So if you are planning to post your nude pictures, internet is definitely not the right place.

Right now I am still using facebook and twitter but I am using them in more useful ways-- like promoting my sites! If you use Facebook and Twitter the right way, these sites are very useful and yes, Internet is really great if we use it the right way!

Planning Your Next Summer Getaway

I have been writing about Myrtle Beach vacations for quite awhile and I think you are aware that we had spent a great time on this place that's why I would love to go back there soon to enjoy the beach and play some golf again, maybe next summer.

In finding the Myrtle Beach hotel to stay and find about Myrtle Beach vacation deals you can search the net and find for the best site to book your vacation. There are quite many travel agencies that you can ask about how to find good deals on Myrtle getaway. is of the sites that can help you plan your nexy summer vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Value Your Education

I can still remember what my parents have been telling me all these years -- " Value your education". Yes, everyone should value education because this is the only thing that will never be taken away from you. Once you earned it, it will be forever yours that's why it should be valued more than any material things in the world.

Lately, I have been checking the site of The Chronicle and the site has been so helpful and useful to me, especially that I have been planning to be back to school soon. Through the site, I found many so many points on valuing education and how to choose which University/ college to enroll. Walden University is one on their lists and there are still so many great colleges and institution that is worth learning and inquiring.

August 25, 2010

Because I Love You So

My hubby is just extra sweet with me lately. One night he brought me a dozen red roses. I asked him what's the occassion, he said, he just loves me.

Love is as sweet as love songs and as beautiful as poem that was written from the heart. You are blessed if someone loves you, so be thankful if there is one man out there who is willing to fight for you.

I think I have already posted this poem that I wrote months ago but today I think I'd love to re-post it so people would know how much I love my husband. This is specially dedicated to him.


by Donnalyn Weir

I want you to wake up each day
Knowing that I’m here to stay
For life, through thick and thin
Because you are my life—my everything.

You are like an everyday sun to me
Your love is like a light of hope that I see
You're my strength in times of sorrow
You're the reason why I see a brighter tomorrow.

Baby, I want you to know
That every beat of my heart is only for you
Now the pains of our past are forgotten and erased
‘Cause love fills our hearts with heavenly bliss.

Oh, I thank God I found my love in you.
In someone who gives me a love that’s so true
Our love will surely last forever
And there is nothing that can break us, ever!

Already Planning for Summer Getaway Next Year?

I think it's quite too early to book for your next summer getaway but I think a well-planned vacation needs enough time of planning, so why not start thinking which place is best for your vacation next year today?

As for me, I have started thinking already. After we had a good time in Myrtle Beach golf courses while enjoying the beach and the great hotels, I think we are coming back there next year. Myrtle is a great place with beautiful beaches, so why not?

If you too want to know Myrtle Beach golf packages, try to visit

Enjoy the Show in Cheap Price

For those who love to watch theater acts and stage plays or maybe game, this post is for you.

Economy is tough today but it's great if we can still chill and watch the things that we love. Yes, we still can if we will grab the best deals on ticket prices.

Here are some of the links of the venues you might want to watch your favorite acts and buy the tickets with great deals and discount.

1. PNC Bank Center Tickets
2. New Meadowlands Stadium Tickets
3. Chicago Theater Tickets

I hope you favorite shows are included in show listed on the different venue I gave. I would be happy to know if this post could help you save!

Enjoy the show!

Let's be Inlove With Numbers

I have been writing posts about how to get good grades in Math before and I also have written about several sites that offer tutorial services for our high school or college students. I think it's great to have these services over the Internet because now our students can learn their Math better without the expensive fees of professional tutors.

Here are some links you would want to visit if you are interested in online Math tutoring:

1. Math Word Problems
2. Algebra Equations
3. Slope Formula
4. Standard Form
5. Math Practice Test
6. Pre Algebra
7. How to Divide

After you visit these sites, you will be the judge if they are good enough for your Math needs.

Let's all try be inlove with numbers :)

August 23, 2010

Miss Mexico Is the Newly-Crowned Miss Universe 2010

Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete brings home the crown of Miss Universe 2010.

Other winners are:

1st Runner Up: Miss Jamaica
2nd Runner Up :Mis Australia
3rd Runner Up: Miss Ukraine
4th Runner Up: Miss Philippines.

Lady Gaga Is the New Queen of Twitter.

Wow, Lady Gaga just kicked Britney Spears out and claimed the crown " Queen of Twitter".

Lady Gaga is now the most followed on twitter with more than 5.7 million followers. Among others who have more than 5 million followers are Britney Spears, US President Barrack Obama and celebrity Aston Kutcher.

I like both of them although I would say they are both crazy. Or maybe Lady Gaga is crazier-- in a good way! :)

Easier Way to Find Local Searches

I am glad to found out about, a search engine that gives you an accurate information about the business nearby your city or state. What is cool about this site is that it is partnered with the and two other local search engines. Because of this, you can find the most accurate driving direction or local restaurant/shop available in your area. It also provides different reviews from real people for each business or establishment. So pretty much, this site more than just a local yellowpages.

I always prefer to find any local business in my area using a local search engine because it is more accurate and it doesn't thousands of unrelated sites and information.

Easy Stock Trading

How crazy is that if you can actually do a stock trading through online or by the use of your mobile phone? It may sounds crazy but yes, it's already happening people. Online trading and mobile trading are actually existing and there are already people who have tried it and actually liking it. Just think of it, you don't have to leave your home to be able to buy a stock. Within the comforts of your room, through your phone or your computer, you can have get that stock.

Also, online broker is available anytime if you need some help about the information of the stock that you want to buy or if you want some advice to which stock is better.

Oh, technology. You've changed our lives drastically. Well, for the most part in a good way so thank you!

Ways to Assure Great Reach of You Site

Having a website doesn't mean you can already earn from it or sell your products though it. It takes a lot of work for your website to be known in the Internet world. Just think of how many sites are added to the search engines every minute- A LOT!!

One way of making your website known is to sell it-- Selling it to the Internet users. Yes, it's quite hard to obtain it. It takes a lot of time and of course money for advertisement. But hey, there are always ways to make your website get the wider reach. You can use many strategies and some of them are retargeting and remarketing. According to Recrue Media, one of the retargeting companies, retargeting and remarketing are great ways to secure a widest reach of website.

Having a successful website is a dream come true and I'm sure any website owner would do anything just to have a wider range of readership on the net.

Another Online Store

There must be so many online stores available today and we should be thankful about this in some ways because they help make our lives easier. Just think of it, you don't have to go to malls just to buy the things you want and need. With online shopping, you can buy anything even you're at home.

I have quite few online stores that i trust now because since I came here in America, I get most of my stuffs online. It's convenient and I get great stuffs in affordable prices.

Today, I get to browse another online store called netixchange. This store is quite nice because it sells almost every stuffs that we need everyday like sports and outdoor stuffs, toys and thing for our kids and even tools for our home. This store is like a one-stop shopping store for everything. Netixchange is definitely worthy to be added on my lists of good online stores.

Do you also love online shopping? I think it's not bad to check! This site is great.

August 19, 2010

The Wealthiest Men in the World Pledged to Give Bulk of Their Fortune to Charity

Most of us think rich people only think of themselves but wait until you hear this one. Few days ago, I have been so moved by the three of the most wealthiest men in the world, Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett because of their announcement that they are giving away a huge percentage of their fortune to philanthropy.

Warren Buffett
, the world's second richest man whose networth is now $44 billion, announced he is giving away 85% of his fortune starting July to Charity. How Awesome is that? He said most of it will go to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He maybe insanely rich but this billionaire still lives on his modest house in Omaha, Neb.'s Happy Hollow suburb , which he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Paul Allen, the c0- founder of Microsoft also pledged to give away half of his $13.5 billion to charity.He wants to support programs in the Pacific Northwest, the Allen institute and the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. The museum, in Seattle, was founded by Allen and highlights two of his biggest interests.

Bill Gates, who had the title of "Most Wealthiest Man in the World" for many years until Carlos Slim has taken that title, has been giving billions of dollars for many charitable causes. He's actually the founder of Bill and Medina Gates Foundation and he is also the one who encouraged other rich people to give their money to philanthropy. Though, Gates never disclosed how much of his fortune is going to charity, he said to one of his interviews: " They'll (his kids) get something, but not a substantial percentage."

It is so nice to know that these rich people use their money to help the less privileged through charity.

You guys are way too fabulous!! God bless you more!

Online Tutor For Students

One of my favorite subjects is Math but I know there a lot of students who really have a hard times on this subject. Back in college, it was more than half of my classmates who didn't able to pass College Algebra and I felt so bad for them.

Good thing today, technology has been so helpful for our student. If you search the internet, you can now find several sites that offer tutorial on different subjects including Math. One of the sites that offers tutorial that I've visited is This site has several pages that tackle different Maths like the following :

1. Pre Algebra
2. Prime Numbers
3. Math Questions
4. Linear Equations
5. How to Divide
6. Algebra Equations
7. Standard Form

Site like this one is really helpful to our students. It is also a cheaper way to learn than hiring a real tutor. Technology has definitely made our life way easier.

Fact About Your Credit Score

How to maintain a good credit score?

If you are suffering from a bad credit score, I think you are not alone. Recently, report said there are so many Americans now who have bad credit score. Maybe it's because of the economic problem like unemployment and foreclosures. Or maybe because you have maxed out all your credit cards and you have no way to pay them all.

Having a credit card is good because through this you can build your credit score but having one can also ruin your reputation, so be responsible.If you have a credit card, make sure to pay your bills on time and please, don't maxed it out. Don't just shop all you can and swipe your card like crazy, remember you are still going to pay for them.

How to fix my credit?

If you already screwed up your credit score you still have an option to start over again. Other people resort to filing bankruptcy but others do the credit repair. Actually there are quite a lot of sites that can give you information on what option to take and how to do the credit repair.

If you are suffering from a bad credit today, you should find a legit advice from people who know this business. Having a good credit score is very important, so take good care of your credit history!

August 16, 2010

Making Love VS Sex

Sex and making love are quite closely associated to each other and most of people considered them as synonymous. What they don’t know, these two words maybe closely related but not entirely substitutable.

Most men don’t know the difference of these two. They think love making is also having sex or vice versa. For women though, we know the difference of the two.

Sex and love making maybe be the same in the physical act but emotionally they are quite so different. Sex is just a physical act; an act when you both enjoy each other body’s. Making love on the other hand, involves emotional and spiritual connection between the couple making the physical act more fulfilling and blissful.

Sex is an act that you share with someone you barely know in the bar or some one night stand kind of affair. Making love is the act that you share with someone you love and care—a girlfriend/boyfriend or a wife/husband.

So what do you prefer? An enjoyable sex or a blissful love making?

Cheap Verizon Phones

The things that we should consider in buying a phone are the reliability of the phone's signal and its price. For two years of living here in the United States, I know Verizon cell phone plans are the greatest. I love these phones because they are very reliable when it comes to its signal. Even if we go out of town, the signal is still awesome.

Today I am shopping for a new phone and found the best Verizon phones online. It's been two years since I had my old phone so I think I should get a new one now. I have found great phones on the site with even cheapest cell phone plans. It's really great to save from the products with good quality.

Verizon phone are just awesome. I would never buy anything other than phones from Verizon.

Investing in Gold

Someone once told me that investing in gold is really a good idea. There are tough times in our economy that the value of our investment would also go down. Like a house, a car or even the currency exchange. It's sad when we put all our money to the kind of investment that would only go down when economy is down too.

Buying bullion or gold coins is now a trend when it comes to investing. Buying them is a secure way to invest because even when economy is tough, the prices of these things won't go down.

It's great to know about this kind of investment, isn't it?

Alert Fact About MS

Multiple Sclerosis, abbreviated as MS is a disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring. Although I just learned about this disease, I know that the number of people suffering from it is growing. It's quite disturbing if you'd think about something that you hardly know can hurt or kill you.

Some of the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are are difficulty with coordination and balance, loss sensitivity,muscle weakness, visual problems and difficulty in moving. I still have to learn about this disease before I can share to you more about this.

I am reading and researching the net about this disease, its prevention and cure. I learned about Multiple Sclerosis exercise and Multiple Sclerosis diet too. These two are the things that a victim should know.

I will share more about this disease soon.

August 12, 2010

Teens Religious Background Affects Their Views on Sex

Does a strong religious background affects on teenager’s views on sex? Studies have found out that teenagers who are religious are less likely to have sex than those teenagers who are less religious. The strong religious views have shaped the teenagers not to engage in sex because of the conviction they feel about it. Religious priests and pastors have been teaching that sex outside the marriage is wrong that’s why teenagers feel guilty on engaging in such activity.

I totally agree with these studies because I was also brought up with a very strong religious view on sex. I believe sex outside the marriage is shameful and is considered to be a sin. At some point I am so thankful that I was brought this way because my teenage life wasn’t spent in early pregnancy or curing some sexually-transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Nowadays, teenagers do not care about what’s bad about having sex at the early age. They don’t have any conviction even if they will have more than one sex partners. It’s very sad that the number of teenage pregnancy and young people suffering from STD’s and AIDS are very high. Media have been trying many ways to educate the teens to have “responsible sex” but it seems not working.

I believe if sex is taught in a religious way, we can help our teens not to engage in sex. Considering sex as a scared thing to be enjoyed only by married couple is a very good idea to help the teens handle their stupid argues on sex at their very young age.

Grateful to Have a Dell Voucher

For a long time, I have been wanting to get myself a laptop so that I can carry it whenever I want to go. Having one to carry around is great especially that I do a lot of stuffs online like blogging and website developing.

Today while I was browsing the net and shopping for a laptop I found a site that offers great Dell vouchers. With these vouchers I can finally get myself a laptop for a lower price. I am really happy that I found this great site. Dell has been one of my favorite brands and I read the Dell notebook review online, I think this is really the one that I am buying soon.

I'm always happy to save some money every time I shop. A little discount means a lot nowadays!

Bulletin Board Shopping

Summer vacation is almost over and it's almost school time again so yesterday I helped my friend who is teacher prepare her classroom for the coming school opening. While cleaning and organizing the room I noticed that she needs a new bulletin board for her classroom. And because she is so busy she asked me a favor to find a place that sells school bulletin boards. I know I can find easily online so I searched an online store that sells great bulletin boards.

I found a great site and I'm sure my friend Em will be so happy about this online store has so many kind of bulletin boards to choose from.

Improving Your Credit Score

After my post about how important it is to maintain a good credit score, I have been receiving emails on how to take care of you bad credit. Actually, I have read many sites that can help you how to take care your credit score. Also, if you already have a bad credit history they can also tell you how to improve and fix your credit score so you can have a great score again.

My friend who was asking me about which company to hire for to fix her credit score, I gave her the links of the sites that I think give a good service in improving and fixing people's credit. One of them is I have read the site and I think they can pretty much help you with this problem. The other one is the company that offers credit repair services.

August 11, 2010

Protecting Your Good Credit Score

How important is it to maintain a good credit score?

Having a credit card doesn't mean you can just do all the shopping and just swipe your credit card to pay everything. If you have a credit card you need to maintain a good credit score. This is through paying your credit bills on time and as much a possible don't maxed out your credit card.

For me it is very important to maintain our good credit scores because having a good credit history also means you have a good reputation financially. Having a great credit score would also give you privilege to be able to loan for a house or a car.

Aside from paying your credit card bills on time and not over spending, it would also help if you get a credit report every month so that you will know no one has stolen your identity. Check the site for more info.

August 7, 2010

From Youtube to Worldwide Superstardom

Who is the most fabulous this week?
Maybe you have seen her performances on youtube or you have watched her on Oprah multiple times-- this girl named Charice is now getting the attention of the world because of her big voice. What is the most fabulous about her story is that she started joining singing contest since she was seven years old for a living in her native country, Philippines. But look where she is now! Today, she is currently one of the a-list Hollywood singers who are really making it BIG!
After the success of her first Pop- Rnb single Pyramid that peaked at No. 1 in Billboard Dance Chart and her first International Debut Album that peaked at No. 8 in Billboard Top 200, this petite superstar singer is also joining FOX's hit TV Series, Glee this fall!!

Charice is just fabulous; so as her story and talent! You go Charice!

Homes in Dallas

Do you live in Dallas, Texas? If you are then you this post is for you.

When I was browsing the net about affordable homes, I landed on a site about Dallas Homes For Sale. The site is basically giving information to people about how great it is to purchase a house nowadays and I totally agree with them. This is really the best time to get a house because they are really in good price now. I have read some tips from Dallas Real Estate site on how to get the house-- what should you consider and which one offers the best deal.

I am pretty impressed about Dallas HOme for Sale . If I was in Dallas, I would sure want to consider buying a home through this site.

August 3, 2010

Help Cure Addiction

It's quite sad to hear news about how many people are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and every year their number seems to be growing. If you are friend or a relative of someone who is suffering from these kind of addiction, make sure to give them a hand. Understanding their situation is one way to help them. Another thing is, let them know they need to do something so that their addiction will be cure for the sake of themselves and for their families and friends as well.

There are many centers around America that offer drug rehab and alcohol treatment. If you think a friend or a family needs help, let them know about it. I 'm sure a drug treatment center and alcohol rehab can help them.

For more info about alcohol and drug treatment visit alcohol treatment center website.

August 1, 2010

Have Your Car Checked Regularly

we should always take care our car because we use it everyday and we rely to it for our transportation. How can we ever live without a car here in America?

Every time we drive our car we kind of trust our lives to it, believing and asking we won't have an accident. This is why we need to take of our car because we don't want this thing to happen. We should always check if the brakes are in good condition before using it. We should also have its oil change and tune up regularly to make sure it is safe to drive it, especially if we are planning to have long drive. The shop were we have car checked and repair is also a big thing to consider. We should have it a shop that knows what it is doing. My friend said she never had problem with Houston auto repair shop where she always have her car checked.

Taking of our car should always one of our priorities and also choosing the car of car to have is important. There are cars that give more driver's safety compare to others. Check Acura Integra . I think it's a great safety car.

July 27, 2010

Webhosting -- Now!

When I posted a topic about web hosting last month, I got few emails from you guys asking me how to do it. Honestly, I am not that good about webhosting yet. My knowledge is still very limited that's why I am still researching it and studying the business very carefully. I don't want to do it and be helpless.

Anyway, for those who are very eager to try it, I can I give you a site that would explain to you how web hosting works. This site also support those people who would want to try this kind of business. As far as I know, (base on their site) they offer dedicated server, managed hosting and superb colocation.

I think you should try to read this site. It's a great help to those who are still new but eager to be successful on webhosting business.

July 20, 2010

Yes, I Need a Spice Rack

If you read my older posts and my posts on my other sites I am sure you already know that my family are moving to our new house at the end of August. There are so many things that we need to get for our new home. Like the items I mentioned on my previous posts and today while I was browsing the net I thought about getting a spice rack for our kitchen. I love to buy different spices because I am just a foodie and I love to cook and most of the food I cook are spicy.

It's really cool that I found a site that has so many kinds of kitchen spice racks. If you are planning on getting one, this site is a great online store. The kind of rack I am getting is the wall spice rack because I think this one is the best for our kitchen.

I hope we can move to our new house next month smoothly :)

Does Internet Dating Works?

Our world has been really changed by internet. From online shopping to online buying and selling of stocks to well, one of the most famous thing now-- online dating. I know there are still so many people who are not comfortable about this kind of dating but do you know that according to some statistics one out of five relationships developed through internet dating. Other are still skeptical about it; other are still scared to try it but there other people who have a really successful stories to share about it.

I have known so many people who met online and ended up in marriage. I actually have personal friends who met their husband in some online dating site. Personally, for me, online dating is a great way to know the person especially if you talk almost everyday. There are webcams available to see the person's appearance. According to my friends the reason why they found a great guy online is that they tried toknow the person very well first by chatting online everyday and they only asked them to use the webcam when they already felt they already liked that someone they were talking to.

There are many dating sites available now. Just choose which one is best for you. One of my friends referred to me the site Sea Of Love online dating.

Remember the right person for you is just somewhere out there, so why not exert an effort to find him/her.

July 18, 2010

Earn Money Online Through Webhosting

There are many ways to get an income through the use of the internet. Other people do online blogging and other just make their own site and they make money out of it. It maybe very impossible if you just heard about it but for many people especially for people like I am who have been earning through my sites, I know internet money is possible. Heard about online store? What about web hosting? These two are only few many ways to earn money online.

Web hosting is really getting famous now. My friend switched from being a blogger to someone who now owns a web hosting site. She told me the money is really good if you know the business well. I am acually thinking of giving it a try but I am still learning the business. It could be a little confusing sometimes but I know if you get the hang of it, everything's gonna be easy and smooth.

There is a website that I just browsed today that gives more info about webhosting like how to use free hosting to boost your link building efforts and what are the traffic surges and web hosting limitation. I think you need to give that site a read!

July 16, 2010

Dream Like Charice

It's been awhile since my last Charice post on this site. She has gone so far since then actually. After the release of her Self-titled International Album, Charice has been on all over America's biggest magazines, and tv news. Recently, she also confirmed she's going to be on Fox's hit tv series Glee!

I have been asking myself, how did this girl from the Philippines became so famous in such a short time. Is it really her destiny or she worked hard for it? When I read her story I was really in owe. Her life story is like a fairytale. She is like the Cinderella of our time. She was literally singing for her super in the Philippines before she became a superstar not only in her nativeland but also in America and all over the world.

The things that are happening to Charice now is like a well-written piece of fairytale which the author is God Himself. Every little detail of it is a sign of God's love to His people who strive hard to follow their dreams. Charice is a living testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness to someone who loves her mom and would do any hardship just to make her family happy.

Like Charice, let's dream, have faith and God will surely give what we deserve!

Debt Problem in America

The number of Americans who are in debt is growing. The economic is so down and so many people got layed off and can't find another job. I know these situations are really existing because I live here and I know America is on its really tough times nowadays.

If you are one of those people who are suffering from debts and you feel like there is no hope, please remember there is always rainbow after the rain. I know America will be better again and in no time, with good faith we will be prosperous again.

If you are on debt, there are ways to solve it. Other people go for bankruptcy for debt relief but others have another solution. There are people who go on debt settlement or debt negotiation to finally be free from debt. But whatever your way to solve your debt problem, just remember, things are going to be good again. You can settle your debt and live a good life again in the near future.

Live long America!

July 13, 2010

Get the Healthy, Smooth Skin

Every woman wants to have a clear beautiful skin. I, myself have been experimeting different skin care products that can make my skin smooth and healthy looking. I have tried quite a few of them. There are products that are cheap and others that are a li'l pricey. I think we really don't care how cheap or how expensive the products are, as long as they are effective.

I am only 25 years old and I think I look younger than my age but I still have some age spots that I want to get rid of. Also, my biggest skin problem is every now and then I get pimples. Maybe because of the pressures I get everyday and well, because of the food that I eat too. I am glad that there are really good acne products that I can rely on.

Taking care of our skin is very important and few of the ways to maintain a healthy skin are: eat healthy foods (more fruits and veggies), get enough sleep, drink a lot of water and maintain a proper hygiene!

July 12, 2010

Custom Computers

We always want to get the latest in gadgets and technologies. I think of all the things, computer is my favorite. I do a lot of stuffs on my computer and I don't think I can live without it.

I'm sure I am not the only one who likes to get the best computer. The one I am using right now has a quadcore processor and it works really well. I know that few months from now I would want to have the better one again : )

Speaking of computers, have you ever heard of custom laptop or custom computers? If you are a techy, I'm sure you already did. Anyway, I read Howard custom computers are really good. I think if you want your laptop or computer customized, you gotta check this out!

July 11, 2010

Freeing Yourself from Debts

I really understand why so many Americans are in debt now. Maybe we are in the worst situation economically that's why all of these things are happening but we know with good faith we can all make things better again.

Foreclosure and credit card debts are two of the most common things today. If you too have the same problem, don't be scared that the world would end this way. There are things that you can do to be out of debt and live you life happily again. I think you need to click the link to credit counselling so you will know how to handle things like these. I have heard about debt consolidation; and this is the easier way so you don't have to choose bankruptcy to be free from debt.

If you are interested of debt consolidation, click the link to learn more about how they consolidate peoples unsecured debt into one low monhtly payment. This might be the way for you to be free from debt again :)

July 10, 2010

Family's Summer Getaway

It's Summer! What is great about summer is the beach. From the sexy bikinis to the sexy tan, summer is really fabulous if we spend it in the beach.

So how is you summer going so far? My family has been planning for this summer and we are so excited to do in one of the resorts in Myrtle Beach. If you have been there already you will really agree on me about how beautiful the place and how fantastic is the summer spent there.

Since we are planning to play some golf while we stay there, I think we are going stay there for awhile. Maybe before this month ends, we are finally going to find a place to stay there. Myrtle Beach hotel is great, so we would probably going to stay there.

If you too want to do have your vacation in Myrtle Beach, visit for more info.

Satellite TV Installation

Everyone is now switching from cable to satellite tv. My family has been using satellite tv for a year now and we are very happy of the service that's why we are not going to switch again. I'm sure there are still so many people who would want to know more about satellite tv because they want to do the switch too. Actually there are government rules for installating a dish. If you want to read it, please click that link and read.

If you want to enjoy the service of a satellite tv, make sure to get this offer. Now, direct satellite tv is giving a free isntallation that's why I think you should do the switch soon to enjoy this offer.

Once you are with satellite tv, I'm sure you would not want to go back in your old service. Just like us, we do love it and we are keeping it for good.

For more info about direct tv, visit .

Site for Medical Uniforms

I wanna share this site to all medical practitioners. I think this site is very helpful if they need medical uniforms. I've seen this site myself and what they sell are just fabulous. They got great nursing scrubs and nursing uniforms too.

I think medical uniforms and scrubs that you need are just available in this site. Go them yourself. Who knows after viewing this site you will never need to go to malls or any stores to find your medical uniforms.

June 30, 2010

Lockable Mailboxes

When I was shopping for a new mailbox for our house, I realized it would have been great to get the one with lock. We know that that mails and packages that we recieve everyday are very important and we don't want anyone to get them and the thought of losing our important mails is just scary.

So if you too want to get a new mailbox and would love to get the lockable mailboxes, I think today is the right to get them. Locking mailboxes are great to keep our mails safe and secure. I already ordered my own Locking mailbox and I think you too should get one.

June 18, 2010

Make It A Habit to Take Care of Your Teeth Daily

Taking care of our teeth is very important!

It's funny how stupid I was to just ignore the importance of having healthy teeth when I was way too young. I thought I will never had any problems with my teeth because both my parents have strong and healthy teeth. Wish I did visit my dentist atleast twince a year before; wish I flossed and brushed my teeth three times a day. If you have a strong teeth now don't ever think it will stay the same even if you won't take good care of them. Healthy and strong teeth are not just given, you need to earn it by taking care of them everyday.

I just had one of my teeth removed last month and it was so painful especially I am scared of blood and needles. All those time I thought, wish I took good care of my teeth so I didn't have to undergo that painful process.

If you are a li'l kid, a grade schooler or in high school now, please take care of your teeth. You will surely have a huge regret in the future if you'd take your teeth for granted. Ask your parents to bring you to the dentist atleast twice a year for thorough a cleaning of your teeth and to make sure your teeth won't be affected by any cavities. Make sure to brush your teeth and floss them after you eat. Eat healthy foods and avoid drinking soda , taking acidic drinks or foods because they make your teeth bad.

Don't wait for the time that you will suffer from toothaches and cavities. Make it a daily habit to take care of your teeth! Start that habit -- NOW!

I'm back and I'm Sharing Info About Insurance

I really owe everyone an apology after not updating this blog for quite awhile. I have been so busy with my work --- good thing today is Friday night and I am free.

So what I have been up to lately? Well, aside from work, I realize lately how important it is for us to get an insurance. Sometimes, I get tired of of paying a lot of insurace bills. From car to house to life insurance but really I realized it's actually pretty smart that we are paying one. Accident insurance for instance is very important. You won't know when accident happens and all you can do is to be prepared all the time. For people who have insurance like us, living life everyday isn't as scary. You know your love ones won't have a problem if anything bad happens to you.

If you are one of those people who still don't have insurance like income insurance, I think it's about time to get one. My friend just got her life insurance Australia. She lives in Australia alone and I think it is best that she gets life and accident insurance.

May 27, 2010

SubmitEdge: Can It Help Boost Your Site's PR?

As a blogger and someone who owns a site, I always look for ways to make my site's pagerank go higher. The higher the pagerank, the more revenue I get from my site, it means I earn better. Well, there are many sites where you can submit your site's URL that promise they will make you site prominent in the online world. I am not one of those bloggers who earn millions of dollars every year but I am a blogger who knows things on this blogsphere. I know where to sumbit my URL and make my URL's pagerank higher. In fact both my sites are all PR3.

Okay so let me tell you about this new Directory submission site-- SubmitEdge! This site for me is great to bloggers who want to build the PR of their sites so that they will have more page views. This site gives a good link building service. I can tell that this site is legit, so if you are a blogger or a site owner, I think it won't hurt if you will try their services. Give your site a real boost!

We all know how important it is for our site to have a good number of Page Rank, a higher ranking in search engines and of course to get a good number of views every month. So give this link submission site a try.

Get Help for Your Statistics Problems

Statistics is one of the subjects that most students would hate. Well, I think any subjects that deal with number is something that is boring and hard. I love Math and I love dealing with numbers. I fully understand that some people are just not so good with answering Statistics questions or Statistics problems. Getting the right Statistics answers is easy if you study the formula and you understand your basic Math and other fundamentals of Math.

Today, problems like this is easily answered by a good Statistics tutor. You can hire a professional or just search a free Statistics help online. Yes, there are websites that can help you with all your subjects difficulty including problems with Statistics. So, why not be resourceful and search the net for a great Statistics help. is one of the sites that can help you. It's worth your while to check this site.

A Li'l Insight About Online Trading

Who would have thought that even stock trading can be done online too? Online trading is now very popular. This way is easier for people to do IRA accounts and buying stocks because you can do it within the comfort of your home, as long as you have internet connection of course. It's kind of hard for some to really trust this way because other people are still traditional and would still prefer the buying of stock in traditional way. Of course we are all dealing with money here and you don't want to put your "intended" investment to waste. I think to people who are planning to give this way a shot, they should contact a great online broker that can be trusted. I haven't tried buying stock online or do mobile trading but I think it's something that I can give a try.

But hey guys, before you do anything like this, make sure you research the history of the online broker and company you are dealing with. Don't be fooled by some frauds.

May 1, 2010

Planning Your Own Funeral

I think talking about death is not the best topic of all but we have to accept the fact that death comes in our way. No matter how hard we want to stay away from it, truth remains that it will happen to us or to our love ones that's why I think instead of denying it, we have to do our best to be prepared for it.

Planning for our own funeral is not a bad thing. We know the fact that we are going to that direction sooner or later I think it's best to be prepared. My friend's grandma already planned for her funeral. She said she wants to be buried nicely and she doesn't want to give that responsibility to her kids so she's planning it ahead of time. She is now trying to consider getting either of the following : affordable casket, Aluminum urns, American Made Casket. She is also considering to hire Star Legacy Funeral Network because it offers a more affordable alternative in funeral-related services.

I think my friend's grandma is right about planning our own funeral. It's always best that we are prepared so that we don't be a burden to our kids when time comes.

April 30, 2010

Statistics Help For Students

Mathematics has so many branches and all of them seem to be so hard for most of our students. From grade school to college, every year you really need to pass your Math that's why it is very important that we find a way to understand it even it could be so complicated at times.Learning the higher Maths requires you to learn the very basic. You can't just jump into the next one when you don't understand the principles of the very basic one. For example, do you think someone who could answer all Statistics problems didn't start learning addition and subtraction? I think the very good thing about Math is that you once you undertand the formula and principle of it you can be confident you could answer all your test questions.I know it can be quite hard for some students to be very good in Math because there really are student who don't do good in numbers but are excellent in their language subjects. If you are one of them and you are stuggling to pass your Math, then you need to take this things into consideration.If you're seeking Statistics help, make sure you get a good Statistics tutor. For me a tutor can be considered good if he have his degree in Mathematics or (s)he is a teacher who majored Math. I know this is quite hard to get, especially if you don't have money. Getting a tutor who is a degree holder can be very expensive but if you really need one, I think it's worth it. But in case you can't really afford to hire a tutor, try to be more resourceful in your own way. Aside from reading Math books you can also find answers to your Statistics questions by visiting free Statistics help websites. There are quite many websites now that aim to help students from grade school, high school and college to be better in Math. Websites like helps every student understand Math better and it aims to help more student in getting a better grade in Math.I'm sure if you ask help from people who know what they're doing, you will surely find the most accurate Statistics answers.

April 27, 2010

Credit Repair Service

When my friend's wife died because of cancer, everything seemed to fall apart for him. His wife stayed in the hospital for years and he couldn't catch up with their bills so when she passed away, he didn't only suffer from losing her but also he suffered so much on unending credit bills that he needs to pay. I really feel for him and I know how hard it is for him to face his problem after losing his beloved wife. I know how hard it is for him to face the problem about his bad credit when his wife just passed away but he also know that he needs to do something about it.

Five months after his wife's death, he started to find a way to find a company that offer credit repair services that help him. I talked to him and told him about I think this site can help him and according to what I've read fromt his site, I would also let them fix my credit, if I was on the same shoe as my friend's. is a site that helps to people who want to fix their bad credit score or to people who want to build a good credit score again. This site helps people with DSI Solutions and more about debts and credit cards problems and issues.

I am so hoping my friend would be able to catch up with all his bills soon and I he'll find comfort after the devastating death of his wife.

We want to say thank you to for supporting this site.

April 25, 2010

Fashion: Be Chic in White

"Be chic in white."

White is my favorite color and I think wearing all white would make you look real chic and fabulous IF you got what it takes to wear it. I am saying this because according to most fashion critics, white is a hard color to wear because this color would make you look bigger instead of slimmer. And oh yeah! We don't wanna be complimented " You must have gained few pounds" when you wear this " Be chic in white" Spring fashion.

The model above is wearing a sexy li'l white dress with a big vintage brown belt. Although is it very obvious that she looks so chic and sexy in this all-white outfit, I wouldn't recommend this to everyone. But IF you're slim enough or even a li'l chubby but confident to carry yourself in this outfit, I wouldn't stop you to wear this. Remember, it's not only the outfit that would make you stand out, it's always what you wear plus how confident you are while wearing it, that would.

*Photo is posted with permission.

April 24, 2010

Good Cars to Consider

I visited my friend yesterday. She lives nearby so I thought it wouldn't be bad to stop by and do some chitchat. The first thing that I noticed is a new Jaguar XK on their garage. I was so surprised to see such nice car on there and she told me that car was a birthday gift from her husband. I think the car looks really great .

Today, even how bad the economy is, people still strive to own nice cars. I mean those kind of luxury cars. I, myself would love to own one someday if my wallet will allow me too. So aside from Jaguar, here aremore of the nice cars you would want to park in your garage anytime soon.

1. Volkswagen New Beetle - This car for me looks good even it is not expensive at all. Its price is from $18,690 to $19,790. The good points about this car is that its convertible doesn't sacrifice comfort. gave this car an overall rating of 6.4 out of 10.

2. Mitsubishi Evolution - This car isn't as expensive as other luxury car and I think that's the good thing about it. Its price starts from $27,190. This car is stylist and looks really cool. The bad thing about it though is that it can be noisy in the road. gave this car an overall rating of 7.8 out of 10.

3. Audi s4 - Audi has been know for being a luxury car and Audi S4 is no exemption on that. This car is really chic looking and I'm sure anyone would love to have this car. Its price is from $45,900

April 23, 2010

Need a Translator?

Who doesn't want to know how to speak all the languages in the world? I think it must be pretty amazing if we can speak different languages so that we can communicate to all the people around the world. There are certain businesses who go global and they want to have translators so that they can sell their products to other countries. But do you know that professional translators can be very expensive? Yes, they are that's why it is hard to hire one if you don't have a lot of money. I want to be fluent in French and Spanish. I have been trying to learn these languages and knowing about the site called translia is really a help. This site is a place where worlds translators meet. Language translation can be very hard if you don't have someone who is very fluent on that language to help you. In translia, you get to have someone who can translate the language perfectly. Most of them are the one who use that certain language as their native language. There is nothing better than that, isn't it?

So if you want to be a linguist and you want to learn different languages or you are someone who owns a business and need to translate your product to other languages, try This site is surely great for you.

Summer Vacation at the Beach

Is it really fun to play golf? Honestly, I am not so crazy about the sports but my hubby is so we are going to try it this summer. We plan to have our vacation in Myrtle Beach. We've been there already so I know we are going to have great time there. The place is amazingly beautiful every summer. Well, ocean is always perfect for summer. We booked our vacation through because they got great Myrtle Beach vacation deals specials.

With the Myrtle Beach vacation deals that we got I'm sure we'll gonna enjoy the best vacation ever. Actually, I have been waiting for this planned vacation ever since last year and I can't believe we are almost gonna be there.

Myrtle Beach hotel is one of the places that you should try for summer vacation. The beach is beautiful and the service plus their amenities are expectional, so you will surely enjoy your vacation. The place is also perfect for honeymoon and family vacation too.

*We would like to extend our gratitude to for supporting this site.

April 16, 2010

In Times When Crowd Control Is Needed

There are times when crowd control is needed, especially in public places and in special events. For example, in banks and schools, authorities use crowd control products to control the crowd by letting the people stay in line. It's quite hard to let the people line orderly when everyone wants to get in or want to be accommodated first, that 's why barricades are placed in those area to control the people from doing crazy things that would ruin the peace and order of the events.

In controlling the crowd, products like stanchions and velvet rope are pretty much useful. These are examples of crowd control products. Maybe you have already seen these products in the banks or in department stores or maybe in the university where you are in now. I can still remember the time I organized an event in our school and I bought these crowd control products to keep the student orderly in line. I couldn't imagine how that event went without the proper crowd control measures I've implemented.

In controlling the crowd, it is also very important to have clear written direction and instructions on how to follow the dont's and do's in that particular event. There should also be someone who would be incharge to clarify things to people who would want to know what the written instruction means. And last but not the least, there should be peace and order personnel in that area because no crowd control products can maintain peace and order if the crowd would all go crazy especially in concerts.

April 15, 2010

Summer Vacation at the Beach

So the Spring has finally begun. So many things to enjoy and so many places to visit. Okay, since I have already posted months ago how I am looking forward for our vacation in one of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts this summer I think I sound more obnoxious now than being interesting. But hey guys, pardon me for being too excited. I think you too would be excited to finally visit the place you've been wanting to for a long time. We are planning to get a golf package so we can do some golf although I don't know much about that sports. My hubby is the one who loves it so I think it's fair enough to join him considering he's gonna be the one who's paying for the whole trip (big grin!) Few more weeks and the party's gonna start! :D

Myrtle Beach Resorts are the kindof place you want to visit if you want to have a wonderful summer. The beach, the great hotels and unparallel service are the things you'd want to experience and I know these three are there. Trully Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach are the place to be this summer.

*Thanks to our friends from for supporting this site.

In Times When We Need Emergency Cash

With the economic situation that we're all facing now, it is sometimes hard for us to cope up with all our bills. From mortgage to gas and electric bills. and to the unending bills that we need to pay each month, we are sometimes left helpless.

In some cases that we really need money like the last minute that we need to pay our mortgage before it will be in foreclosured, a personal loan as an emergency fund is very helpful. First and foremost, I am not encouraging anyone to get a loan because it is always nice to live when you are debt-free. I think we only need to apply for a personal loan when it's really needed. Like for example, the one I just mentioned- when you need to pay your mortgage. I believe a loan can be very useful to anyone if we only use it correctly.

So if you are one of the many Americans now that really need to get a loan because you need to pay important bills like your mortgage, medical bills or you need money for very important things, here are some tips that I can give to you.

First, know what company are you applying for. If you apply for a loan you expect it to have an interest so choose the company that gives lesser interest. Also, it is very important to to take into account the reputation of the company.

Second, make sure you will be able to pay what you loan. You need to be responsible when you get a loan because it's not something that when you already got you'd just forget about it.

Third, make sure you will be eligible when you apply. When you apply for a loan, it doesnt mean you will approve. Every company has its certain qualifications to meet. If you visit, you find different lenders that offer personal loan. is a search engine that you need to use if you looking for a right lender for your personal loan.

For you to be eligible for a loan through you:

(1)must be a U.S. citizen
(2) must be over the age of 18
(3) must be currently employed
(4)must have a active/open checking or savings account

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April 12, 2010

Great Computers and Laptops

Computers are everywhere. Everyone seems to have one. There are quite so many electronics that are in store today but nothing can beats computer because of its so many usages. Other people are so obssessed of computers that's why they want their's customized. Teenagers are the one who are really into these things. They want everything to have a personal touch like a pink laptop with their own name printed on it. I think it's kind of cute and even me who's not a teen anymore still loves to have a custom laptop.

Because everyone seems to like having a custom computers, getting one is pretty easy. You can get it in some computer stores. My friend got a custom computer and she just love it. If, you want to have your own laptop or computer you can see more at Custom laptops and more gadget for your computer are available there too.

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Interested in Web Hosting?

Have I told you lately that there are so many ways to earn money from the internet? I was one of many people out there who thought you can never really earn from the internet until I actually tried it and now earning from it. Blogging, online store, taking surveys are only few ways to earn money from internet. One of guy I've met online because of blogging told me that he's really earning good with his web hosting business. Wanting a business like his is quite harder because you need to know more about the thing in the internet not only the simple stuffs that I know like simple html hacks and a li'l knowledge about everything.

I general sense, if you know more, you earn more. Being ambitious about having a bigger business in the net is not impossible. Anything can be learned. I am actually thinking to be in web hosting if I will know more about html, Php and other stuffs that I have so li'l knowledge for now. I know that there are dedicated servers out there you give full support to people who are willing to be in web hosting business. Getting a well managed hosting must be really good because the earnings that you will earn there would be a lot more than just being a normal blogger. If you would want to earn more and would want to start web hosting, make sure to seek help from the right server; the one that offers a great colocation plans for a good security and great speed.

Earning using the internet may not be so easy but I'm sure anything can be learned.

March 29, 2010

Feel Good, Look Good

Feeling good and looking good are very important. These two would give as more confident to deal with daily encounters especially with our social lives. Don't get me wrong but besides from being a good person, we also owe ourselves to look good for others. Looking good is not only a responsibility of the TV stars and celebreties to themselves but we, the ordinary people also need to look good.

Here are some of the tips:

1. Eat Healthy Foods. I know this is kind of hard especially if we are living in the city where life is so busy. Sometimes we can't cook for ourselves that's why we always end up in fast foods. Or this one can also be hard knowing that we are used to eat the fatty foods. Okay, for us to accomplish this, we should have discipline. Bear in mind that we will also be the one to suffer if we end up being so unhealthy. Drink water and juices instead of soda or beers. Eat more fruits and even how busy we can be, don't do fast food everyday.

2. Exercise. This is very important. Doing some physical works can help our heart healthier and make us fit. Here in America, over-weight is really a big problem because so many people don't do any physical work. If your job doesn't require it, hit the gym even just for twice a week.

3. Be Neat and Clean. For you to look good, you also need to be looking clean and smelling good. No one likes someone who looks dirty. Make it a habit to have a shower atleast once a day. Always wear clean, pressed clothes.

4. Know Some Fashion. Maybe you are not the one who work as an executive that you think you can never wear some fabulous clothing. Actually you can be glamurous and fabulous too. Try some sexy dress and stilleto once in awhile. If you don't have any idea how to match them, read some fashion mags. It wouldn't hurt to have it a try!

So start feeling good and looking good. You definitely owe yourself this!

March 25, 2010

My Spring Hobby - Planting!

Flowers and plants are two of the reasons why we love Spring. I don't know with you guys but I do love to plant beautiful flowers every Spring. I love to see how pretty they make my house.

Last year, I bought beautiful window boxes for our windows. Our house has so many windows but I managed to buy all of them with window boxes and planted beautiful flowers and plants on each box and oh, they made our whole house looks so refreshing that Spring.

The Spring for this year has officially started this week and I am so excited again to make our home beautiful. I haven't started shopping for the stuffs I need like the kind of flowers and plants I will have this year but next week, my shopping spree will start :) I am thinking to get few window flower boxes again this year because some of the boxes I had last year are damaged. I will still use the others that are still in good condition and replace only the damage ones. (Being thrifty this year is really a must, especially with our economic downfall.)

I will share to you next week about the kind of plants I will have and how my planting, decorating and landscaping go. I am sure it will be awesome. I am always excited and happy to do this kind of job. I am definitely a nature lover -- especially a lover of beautiful flowers, ornamental plants that is.

Website Review

In the world of internet, everyday thousands of websites are introduce to the public. There are networking sites, news, music and a lot more. Being a blogger, I came across to different kinds of websites everyday. I have seen the weird one, the informative type, the coolest and even the type which would make your eyebrows rise.

Today I would share to you one of the websites I have seen this week. To the people who always do sports betting, this site will never be new to you. I think what would make this site fun is when you love to bet sports online. I know there are poeple who think betting is just one hell of a fun game. Of course the winning is the best part. (LOL) In this site you would find all the betting for all kind of sports like football betting or baskterball betting. Honestly, this is my first time to actually encounter an online betting site. It's pretty cool because they will give you some tips and tricks on betting and some predictions for winning. I am not so good at this kind of stuff but I think if you like sports betting, this site would be really good for you.

Reminder: Betting is fun but I hope you won't overdo it. Too much is always bad.

Spring and Summer Vacations

Whoa! Spring has finally started. There are so many exciting things that goes with this awesome time of the year. Well, aside from Spring break that you may want so spend in Mexico to check the hot mamasitas or in Myrtle Beach Golf where you can enjoy both the beach and the golf, Spring means-- it's warmer and everything just turns beautiful during this time. Spring is the time to enjoy with the family and friends, either staying at home or going out of town though we know the latter is way better. (giggle!)

Our family friend are planning to check these Myrtle Beach Golf vacations. Golf and beach together in one is just fun, isn't it? So we're kind of thinking what if we'll do it together with our family. I think it with be more fun and exciting if we will have our vacation getaway this summer shared with our friends.

We know it's really hard to have a vacation this time because of how hard the economy is going so we are trying to find some ways to cut down our budget. Maybe we should drive instead of flying over there; or we should stay on the same condo, so we can all share the payments. There are many things we are trying to consider just to have a li'l savings. We also checked Myrtle Beach Golf packages and find the most affordable one.

To have a vacation in beautiful places like Golf Myrtle Beach is awesome but we know we're in recession that's why before you'd feel so excited, learn some budgeting tips first. Remember, we don't have to spend muchos just to have a great vacation.

I hope we all have a great Spring and Summer. Get tanned and enjoy :)