December 19, 2009

Collecting Gold Items Is a Great Investment

Expects said that one of the best investments a person can have is on gold. Buying gold today would really be a good idea because this kind of stuffs don't depreciate. Gold will have a better and better value as time goes by. Ever thinking of every nations having gold bars as a sign of their wealths and economic status.

Gold coins, gold jewelries or any gold items are really good things to buy now and keep as an investment. Unlike cars, gold will only makes it price higher and higher not lower and lower as time goes by.

gold is often associated to riches, wealth, monetary standard based on this metal. My grandfather used to have a lot of gold coin collection. Those coins really helped us when the time came that we really had nothing. The value of gold is high and it is always best to collect them. If you'd visit you will find some amazingly valuable coins that are really great to be collected for the purpose of investment. The gold coins in this site came from different countries and you know years from now the value of these coins will be tripled or doubled. I, myself is planning to get some of it. I know collecting gold is a great investment, that's why I am going to have them.

Not Good in Math? Ask HELP!

My favorite subjects in high school and college were Math, Physics and Chemistry. I love dealing with numbers and solving Mathematical problems because they are very challenging. Everytime I solve a difficult Math problem I feel so fulfilled.

Not all students are like me though. I remember back then that there were so many of my classmates that were stuggling on Math problems. And I know it's quite true even todays. If you'd ask a class of 50 who wants to deal with Math, I think only 5-10 students would say yes. Okay, maybe you are one of these students who don't really like Math and would say " Math isn't my major, so what the heck?" Maybe it isn't your major but do you think you'd graduate in high school without taking any Math? Sadly, you can't. Math like Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and even Calculus are in high school that's why whether you like it or not, you need to try your very best to learn and pass your Math subjects.

Passing your Math subject would be a little hard if you are not that good in numbers. I know exactly how it feels because every man has its own field where he/ she is good at. If you are not that good in Math, you can still get a good Math grade if you'd study very well. I mean you have to give more time and effort on it. Online tutoring can be of big help to you. Internet is really a big help because now you can find many sites that offer online Math tutoring to K2 students and college students. is one of the sites that offer precalculus help, Statistics help and even Chemistry help. This site offers Math answers to all of your problems in Math in cheaper rate. The good thing about online tutoring is the fact that you can use it any time you need it. You don't really need to pay high fees to tutors if you'd use this too.

I hope to our college and high school students who are really struggling with their Math won't give up. If you are not really good at numbers, just give more time and effort on how to understand the subject. I'm sure you can still get maybe not the highest grade but still a really good one.

December 17, 2009

Summer Makes Me Excited

How many months until summer? Hmm... You're probably thinking I'm insane to think about summer when it is only winter. But who doesn't want to make everyday a summer day if it is only during summer that we get to enjoy the beach so much? Summer is the time for beach. Getting a tan. Time to wear our two piece and enjoying the warm summer breeze.

Every summer my family usually go for a special getaway. Last year we stayed at one of the best Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. We did love the venue, the hotel and the beach itself. It was spectacular! The beach, the luxury of our stay and the best accommodation there were just amazing. We always think of going back there next summer and hopefully next year. My husband and I are planning to play golf there too. I am so excited for summer because of our plans.

Myrtle Beach Resorts are great. Summer is really great if you'd spend it there. I know people know about Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach because they are pretty known all over America. I remember my friend went there to celebrate his birthday too. So if you are still thinking where to spend your summer next year, try to visit Myrtle Beach website. You might consider going there too.

Heard About Direct TV

Direct TV is the leading satellite TV in the country today and it's even taking over Cable Tv. Why is that so? Well, I think I can really testify for it because our household does use this satellite tv. The reasons why we like Direct TV are: it has excellent customer service, it has a reliable signal, it is usually cheaper than cable tv and it has the right deals/packages for different people.

More and more americans are doing the switch to Direct Satellite TV
. I got friends from different states and they too switched from cable to direct tv. Direct TV in California or Direct Tv in Florida or Direct Tv in any states are just the same. They still give you the best quality TV that will make you enjoy your TV even more.

I think I am lucky the we did the switch earlier but for those who still want to get direct Tv, it's never too late. Grab your phone and call them or visit their website for more info on how to get the best deal for you.

December 13, 2009

Filipino-American Christmas Party 2009 in Saint Louis

We had so much fun at the Filipino-American party held at John F. Kennedy Wall here in Saint Louis last night. It was a night of meeting friends, eating Filipino foods and watching other Filipinos performed. There were singing and dancing. There were so many other things that had happened that night but the most unforgettable was my baby being a dancer the whole night. Hahaha! He is only 19 months but he danced there the whole night at the dance floor. He is just so adorable.

Okay, I took some photos last night and I want to share them to you. Here are some of them:

with the ladies..

My baby and daddy

At the dance floor..

My baby and I..

My friend Shie and I..